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  1. Or you could select the game in Launchbox click RMB and select Edit Game or use CTRL+E to open the dialog where you can edit all the game's details, including images. If you then click on the image at the bottom right of the screen with RMB you can use 'Add Image' to add an image and 'Image Type' to set which type of image it is (box shot, game title screen, etc). You can also drag and drop images onto that screen to add them, just don't forget to set the 'Image Type'.
  2. It's whenever I select certain games, as mentioned in these reports: One, Two. This makes entire swathes of games unselectable and uneditable for me.
  3. So I've had an issue that causes my Launchbox to crash for the past four months and I've not seen any update on said issue. Is there a better way to contact the devs than Bitbucket? I tried the livestream, but that didn't work for me.
  4. I'm very aware of both those things, but that doesn't give me an easy me way to download all of them. Technically adding every platform known to man to Launchbox would let me download all the videos, but that's not exactly a fun or easy way to do it. Especially since new videos are still being released. But the answer is no, it's not possible.
  5. Again, a shame. I like having an offline back-up of things just in case I need them.
  6. I know, hence why I'm asking for a nice simple way to download all of them in an easy way.
  7. Quick question, is it possible to somehow download all the 'official' (I think they're the Big Box CInematix) videos? Like perhaps an FTP server? I don't see them in the downloads section and the ones on Youtube have the logo overlayed on them.
  8. For a second I thought this was the same as my issue, but it's not. For some weird reason my Retroarch won't launch with the FUSE core, unless I add another emulator and use it as the non-default emulator. Making it default messes it up again. It works, but it's definitely weird.
  9. Thanks, I was looking in the Options for longer than I care to admit
  10. Is it possible to disable the autoplaying of music in Launchbox (not Big Box)? I could just mute Launchbox, but surely there must be an option I'm overlooking.
    Very nice videos, they look great with the City Hunter theme.
  11. Looks great! I'm not a fan of too much white on screen, but it does look really good.
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