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  1. But do playlists show up in the main platform wheel? They don’t right? I’d prefer them to be their own section.
  2. I have a custom platform for my lightgun games, I’d like to take instances or copy’s of games from multiple platforms and add them to the gun games platform, is this possible. For example I have a few mame games a few model 3 games, teknoparrot and lots of others. I’d rather not have to reimport them if I don’t have to. So is it possible to do this?
  3. Hey everyone sorry for the delay, I got preoccupied with work and life. I have done a lot of work to the cabinet in the last few weeks and I’ll be doing some posts for it very soon. on the list is: replaced the included buttons with ultimarc gold leaf RGB LED buttons. replaced iPac 2 with Ultimate IO Board Removed included wiring set up LEDBlinky added additional USB ports building Gun4IR Guns for shooting games setting up Launchbox and importing games configuring controls Reworking cooling system for the cabinet. installing power and reset buttons for the pc reconnect the coin mechanism there is more, a seemingly endless list but this should keep me busy for a while. Stay tuned for tomorrows update with pictures and videos.
  4. Agree with the others, plex is way better for media consumption, I have a dedicated plex server with 2000+ movies and counting. Also a ton of tv content as well. It stays on 24hr a day 7 days a week with the exception of update days where I update windows and plex on all my devices. I wish there was a way to integrate plex into launchbox for the gaming side of things but it would also have to run on more Devices like iOS and smart TVs.
  5. Check out my vewlix build, I have a lot of updates to post soon.
  6. Hello having a weird issue. I have two arcades. One of which is showing all the cool backgrounds, animations and video clips when scrolling through the games but the other is only showing some. There is no arcade bezel and the background is just gray with just a small video playing. I have attached two images, one with all the stuff showing up and the other that is not. I have checked that both machines have the same settings so I’d love to know what’s going on. thank you
  7. Hoping someone can help me, I have LEDBlinky working with my big box setup perfectly! However when I quit big box I get an error box pop up asking if I’d like to review the error or not in the log. It’s not really that big of a deal as when I’m finished setting up the cabinet I’ll rarely have to quit BigBox without also shutting the pc down. However if anyone can help me fix the error I’d be very grateful. I have included the error message in a picture.
  8. Hey everyone another issue where I’m sure to be missing a weird step. I have setup the flycast core in retroarch and made sure I have all the bios files and even tested a few games. Everything seems to be working fine within retroarch but when I attempt to launch a game from launchbox it does nothing. I have also made sure I’m set up in the associated platforms with the correct core and it all appears to be correctly configured. am I missing a step?
  9. Never mind, I figured it out, I forgot to tell it which core I’m using. All sorted now but much appreciated for helping me find where I should be looking.
  10. I have the platform named 3DO Interactive Multiplayer as selected when I imported the CHD files. It is set up to use retroarch however now that you mentioned it, I do not see the platform or the core that I’m using in retroarch displayed on the core list like it does with the other platforms. If this is the issue, how do I go about adding it?
  11. I have a number of 3DO CHD games I have imported. I have tested them all within retroarch and they all work fine. However when I attempt to load them from launchbox they refuse to open. I did a search on the forums and came up with a few similar issues but nothing solved my problem. Has anyone run into an issue like this?
  12. Got a special delivery today! My Namco repro tokens came in and they are gorgeous! I’ll be using these instead of just mashing a coin button or flicking the coin micro switch. long day at work today starting around 4am so probably won’t be working on the cabinet today but I have ordered some cables to run audio out of the pc and into the vewlix cabinet. also discovered that there is an LED that shoots straight up from the top, presumably to light up the plastic marquees they sometimes have. Well it turns out it is perfect for a really cool piece of acrylic that I can laser etch and should look really cool when mounted up. anyhow I’ll be back with more when progress is made. happy Tuesday everyone!
  13. Last update for today (maybe) hey everyone Just an update to show off a few things, I had originally intended to just throw my parts into a cheap pc case but find the cheaper options to be pretty bad. So I opted to just build the pc into the cabinet and designed and laser cut an acrylic motherboard mount so I could keep the motherboard cool and raised off the shelf. I still have some wire management to do and will probably need to need to design and 3D print a gpu support because it’s not bolted down to anything and I had to remove the gpio cover from the graphics card for clearance. That said it’s running well and when my larger 11tb drive shows up I’ll connect both it and my 8tb drive and start putting LaunchBox together. I have attached some photos of it running and the motherboard tray I designed, please let me know if anyone wants the files for that and I’ll put them up. See you guys on the next update.
  14. Hey everyone as promised here is the big image dump of picture I took of the new cab. It arrived around 10am which was way earlier then scheduled but I was home so it was fine. today I build an acrylic test bench to mount my motherboard into the cab. I will laser cut it here shortly and will update this when it’s mounted. Eventually I’ll put it on slides do I can slide it in and out for maintenance purposes. please let me know if you want to see anything specific. This will get much more exciting once the pc is in and I can finally start finalizing my LaunchBox/Big Box setup. hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. later for now.
  15. Hey Everyone Another Short Update! Freighting service called today and informed me that they will be delivering tomorrow the 15th between 1pm and 3pm. Expect there to be a big photo update as I will try to take photos of everything including: How it was shipped All angles of the cab Close ups of wiring and buttons the Jamma connector it came with monitor quality little details all around cab more..... Unfortunately I start work on a major film on tuesday that will last most of the year so updates may become a bit infrequent as my hours are usually crazy. i will try to at least do little updates on the weekends when I can. Also can anyone recommend a good low profile PC case that doesn't cost much and will fit the AORUS B450 AORUS M motherboard? I think it will be easier and cleaner to build it in a case rather then just mounting the components to the cab. It may also make it easier to upgrade components when needed. Anyhow that is all I have for today, Hope everyone is having a good Sunday.
  16. Hey everyone! just an update, I have received notice that my cabinet has shipped and should arrive in 5-7 days. in the meantime I have also found a distributor in China that is going to supply me with Namco coins to use with my cabinet. I have attached a photo. I ordered 500 and will probably give away or sell some and keep 50 to 100 for myself. I thought it would be fun to play with real coins rather then just smashing a button. I’m not sure if anyone is reading this but I’ll continue to update it and maybe someone will find it useful in the future. if anyone has questions or recommendations for upgrades or changes to the cabinet, let me know. thanks
  17. Just picked up my first chewlix cabinet and I plan on doing an extensive LaunchBox/BigBox install. pc specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 2070 super 16gb Ram 1TB NVMe for OS and software install 11tb media and game drive I have spent over a year compiling games and media and building and organizing. I plan to have two set, a set with everything and a hits list consisting of only my favorite and most commonly played games. I will also be using 2 Sinden light guns for shooting games and I may or may not add a spinner to the auxiliary control panel. I do want to know if anyone else has done a build like this and what navigation buttons you have used? the cabinet has a digital coin mechanism that I’m told accepts pretty much any coin. I plan to wire it up and use ether 100 yen coins or cherry tokens. Might add a NESica card reader down the road if I can find one at a reasonable price. I may also mount a small screen above the marquee to act as a digital marquee. I plan on using Sanwa buttons and joysticks which it does come with but I may swap them for other colors depending on how the ones it comes with feel. I’ll also be using a iPac 2 or possibly even a j-pac. I’ll be keeping logs and updating as I go, I also have two Tiato arcade stools on order to complete the Japanese arcade feeling which I plan to resurface with blue felt and have the Tiato and Sega logos embroidered on them. if anyone has similar builds, I’d love to see them, google didn’t turn up a lot of results.
  18. For anyone who wonders in here with the same issue, here is how I fixed it. firstly you must make sure the option to override default startup screen is unchecked in LaunchBox. secondly I wrote a very simple bat script to delete the swtrilogy.nv file from the NVRAM folder in the supermodel folder. then in LaunchBox I added the .bat file to the list in the additional apps tab and told it to run after closing. thats it! hope this fixes someone’s issues.
  19. Don’t know if you saw my edit but make sure to delete the nv file by hand the first time you run it so the .bat file can start the loop. You can also open the NVRAM folder and double click the .bat to check that it’s deleting it properly.
  20. Just open notepad and type: del and the path (Make sure the beginning and end of your path has quotes) for example: del “C:/users/Visivopro/LaunchBox/emulators/supermodel/NVRAM/swtrilogy.nv” to your swtrilogy.nv file then save it as whatever.bat then in LaunchBox go to the additional apps tab and add the .bat file and tell it to run after closing program. Also to make sure you don’t cause any other issue make sure to check your emulator settings for supermodel on LaunchBox and make sure the override default startup screen is not checked, that was causing supermodel to lose focus and quit after mouse click. between those two things it should clear up any issues. If you still need help feel free to ask and I can do my best to help. also make sure you delete the nv file before running it again in big box for the first time. That should make sure it gets deleted every time you close supermodel.
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