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  1. Honestly yeah thats my biggest complaint too, leaving anything excluded from my anti-virus gives me the hebejibes , like i pulled the file from quarantine and gave it to virus total and its literally just symantec that complains about it so im reasonably sure its safe, but eh i guess , gave it to the false positive team so hopefully they get back to me soon, its information i already know basically (everyone says its a false positive, even other anti-viruses) but i'd still rather be sure in as many ways as possible. Thanks for getting back to me , lets hope the issue is cleaned up soon. wh
  2. Hi, I don't know if this has been posted more than once or twice but on installing version 11.5, not long after the install Norton popped up saying it was working on resolving a threat, before saying that it removed it. I was a little spooked so I checked what it was , and it reported the threat came from BigBox.dll. I know a few users have reported similar issues so I just wanted to confirm it is still occurring and out of sheer paranoia just double check that the report is a false positive. Would also just like to say I reported it to norton as a false positive , idk if that will get t
  3. I'm currently trying to iron out the last couple of kinks in my big box setup. I'm using the Unified- Redux theme and when I either go into a games details page or just cycle over it on the games wheel it always uses the same screenshot but I have several in the directory for metadata, is there a way to make it just pick an available screenshot at random to display each time? otherwise the extras are just taking up space on my drive and I dont have the money just yet to get an emu movies account for the video preview images. Secondly if I do have pdf manuals how do I open them to view in t
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