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  1. What? The android version is not supported anymore as far as I know...
  2. Any update on the Ruckage snes mini theme?
  3. I figured out! so simple! So, for noob like me, just create a (for example) : and import it like a rom file. Then choose a default emulator, and that's it!
  4. Thanks for your kindness. However, i'm not sure to understand hoiw to do it. For example: "red dead redemption 2.txt?" Blank file? Or should I write something in the first line?
  5. Hello, Santa Claus brings me a PS4 pro. I would like to add some fancy visual box art on my Launchbox database. Is it possible to add simply "box cover" and not full 50gb rom?
  6. I'm looking for the original template. Do you have a link? Or OP please?
  7. Oh, sorry, English in not my primary language, and I probably misunderstood the real meaning of the previous message. I was thinking someone was complaining about the black friday deal. I misunderstood.
  8. Thanks for your help. I didn't know it was not enabled by default.
  9. I'm so sorry to have started a flame war...
  10. Instead of creating a specific thread, i'm updating this one: On a clean Launchbox install, when I launch it (Launchbox, not BigBox), with premium account (emumovies and launchbox), i have no video preview (but my video folders is full of videos) on the right preview column. Is video preview only for bigBox?
  11. Honestly, I was planning to "test" Launchox for 20$. Then, I thought a bit, and told myself there was a team behind, full time I guess, so, why not going for the lifetime license? And I pulled the trigger for 40$, instead of the 20 of my initial reflexion. That's why I was asking if there will be a black friday deal. And i'm happy to have spent 40$ and support the team, to be honest. Stop talking, now i'm going to ask all the noobs questions you guys have already answered 15445568789 times! Let's begin!
  12. You're rightr. I just can't wait to see if there will be a deal or not! In any case I will subscribe this week. Moreover, even if it's black friday tomorrow, we have some interesting deal since Monday, and not only tomorrow. It's about one week, not only one day.
  13. Yes there will be a black friday deal, I had confirmation by email. edit; message disappeared?
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