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  1. In the Details sidebar. When I move to another game the new video plays in the Details bar and I can hear the old video still playing and it continues to repeat until I close Launchbox. Mooving on to new videos doesn't stop the original one from playing.
  2. Hi, hopefully this hasn't been asked before, I had a quick look but didn't see anything. If it has, I apologize in advance. Since updating to 11.9, I have been creating multiple 1Tb HDD's with different versions of Launchbox/Bigbox. I'm a bit strange in that I hardly play the games but love doing the setup. Anyway, I'm working on 2 for a new computer I have just built, one is a Bucket List of games I have always wanted to either play or complete and the other is a mostly PC Games list. During setup in Launchbox I flick from game to game editing it's information, images etc. only to
  3. Ransomware Remediation The process Z:\LaunchBox\LaunchBox.exe manifests ransomware behavior and was blocked. Several files were encrypted but we successfully restored all of them. You can find the restored files list below The file it says it restored is ... C:\Program Data\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs\nvdrssel.bin I'm assuming false/positive but it seems a little specific.
  4. Love it. How long does it take you to create a video like this?
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