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    These look amazing! The "in your room chilling and playing games" vibe is very strong with these bezels and that was exactly what I'm looking for! Could you, in the future, add Gamecube, DS and PSP? That's all I need to complete my library.
  1. No. What I mean is that it scans for missing media when I check any of the boxes I previously mentioned. I am not doing “scan for missing media” in Launchbox. BigBox does it whenever any of the boxes are checked.
  2. Sorry if my wording is a bit confusing. When I uncheck all of the options for hiding the games, the Wii games still do not appear. I have to recheck one of those options and then wait 10-15 minutes for it to scan for missing media for it to appear again. I have to do this on every boot of BigBox if I want my Wii games to show up.
  3. No. They are not hidden and they do not pop up when Show Hidden Games is checked. When I uncheck all of the hide games missing (insert media here) checkboxes, nothing changes. I have to uncheck and recheck them every time I launch BigBox. That takes 30 minutes usually, so it’s not very helpful when I want to just play a Wii game.
  4. Hi. Whenever I boot into BigBox, the Nintendo Wii platform keeps on disappearing. It comes back after a tedious check for missing media, but as soon as I reopen it, it disappears again. I have tried re-importing all of my Wii games and downloading all of the media again, but nothing has worked. Does anyone know a solution to this issue?
  5. Thanks a lot for the quick response! This method fixed all of my problems related to this
  6. Hi, I’ve been using Launchbox for a while and just recently bought EmuMovies. However, when I try to disable the “Prioritize Game Theme Videos” option (so it prioritises the other videos), it does nothing. Is there anything I am doing wrong?
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