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  1. thanks for the response. so do i have to edit each view to fullscreen in tool for it to be fullscreen entirely ?
  2. any way to fix aspect ratio? its says 16:9 compatible but im getting black borders all the way around. any help would be appreciated. thank you. Awesome theme by the way.
  3. I understand. I went to theme and tried to post under said theme but I guess I did it wrong. Live and learn. But the theme is lv101 by the way.
  4. My first time posting. Go easy bud.
  5. love the theme overall but i noticed its not fullscreen. there is a black border all the way around. it says 16:9 compatible but i dont know how to enable it. any help or suggestions would be great. i noticed when i go to bigbox settings it goes fullscreen but when i exit settings it goes back to cropped.
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