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  1. @Fredster1978 exit the community theme creator, Making sure you haven’t just minimised it. Properly exit. Click the Start button. Select the Settings icon. Select System. Click Advanced display settings. Click on the menu under Resolution. what is the highest resolution you can choose? if the highest isn’t already selected then select it and press apply and then reopen community theme creator and try to create a banner again.
  2. @faeran yes please I’d love a look at it for one, not sure how much I’d be able to do with it but I’d have a tinker to make it suit that little bit better
  3. Hi @faeran and everyone, ive made some mods to this awesome banner box theme to better suit my gaming history. Ive added two screenshots and circled in green a couple of areas. In the first shot of the options menu ive circled the logo.png. ive changed that logo out (still credit to faeran on it!) but i dont have the over lay on it, i prefer it to be full color/brightness which it is EXCEPT for a pulsing overlay that fades the logo out a bit. very noticeable on my modified one. does anyone know how i can get rid of that pulsing overlay from the options screen in the theme? secon
  4. I wanted to throw a few more relevant (to me) characters on some banners. i really wanted no game titles on the platform banners but i also wanted a colourful banjo to represent the n64 and all i could find was the box art, nothing with the text removed. I've changed all the backgrounds to black which i think made a few things really pop. works fine for the banner style platforms as seen below because theres a border around all the colour. not so good in the 3rd picture down as theres nothing to give it a border on that view. i use the game details view in image number 4 as its easier to
  5. I used to be able to exit both retroarch and standalone emulators by holding the back button and pressing start on an Xbox 360 or Xbox one controller. It stopped working recently, I have no idea why. Can anyone help me diagnose and check settings to see if anything has changed? ive tested on 2 computers, neither work. Cheers. Chris.
  6. Ok Thk you. I’ll plug my laptop into the tv tomorrow and give it a go. It won’t give me the option to change to those dimensions on the laptop screen but I remember seeing that it does 1080p when plugged into larger screen. edit: as a test in the mean time without access to a bigger resolution, I changed the res down to 800x600 and it indeed made the problem worse so I believe you’re going to be correct
  7. I'm trying to create a couple of missing banners, the bottom of the background keeps getting cut off. you can see in the two images that the background is correct (unchanged from the downloaded template) but when rendered it cuts off the bottom which obviously doesn't display right. this happens with all platforms i've tried. any ideas?
  8. Holy moly I didn’t realise all the game banners were custom made. I thought they were being pulled from the downloaded images for each game. Huge effort. Thanks very much.
  9. Hi There Excellent looking theme that is running smoother on my weak laptop than any other theme I’ve used, thanks for that! I’m having the same issue on some games as seen in these images. I’ve refreshed all images. Cheers. Chris.
  10. Ah I misread that before. Tired baby looking after brain. Thks for reiterating do I got it the second time haha
  11. Rly strange. It was working fine for some platforms and removing them from others. For now I’ve stopped using favorites. Might look at it again later. Thk u
  12. I favorited some games which successfully put them into the platform wheel Favorites playlist I set up. They no longer display in their own platforms on big box, is that normal? I would like the games to remain in their platforms and additionally be in the favorites playlist Thk u
  13. Great thks for that. I mistakenly thought a big box restart would clear any cache. Will refresh manually from now on. Thk u
  14. Solved! Inside big box i had to refresh the wheel images. Easy as that.
  15. Hi There I've added a Mario Collection to the platform list on lb/bb. I can't work out how to get the clear logo on the wheel for these playlists that have been added to the platform list. I've tried putting it in heaps of places but no luck. Any ideas? Images below show the playlist name in the wheel, lb playlist edit area with the clear logo selected, and where i tried to add the clear logo named "Mario Collection" in the file window. Thanks! I tried searching for the answer, probably did'nt use the right words. Loving lb and bb, appreciate it!
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