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  1. @kidshoalin. Im just using wiimotes with dolphinbar mode 4 and touchmote. IR is setup as left stick in touchmote. I can take snapshots of the touchmote config if that helps.
  2. Its working on MAME 0.220. Touchmote IR set up as 360 controller left stick. MAME setup to enable light guns and light guns setup as the 360 controller left stick axes. Works for 2 players. I will try to fork the code from Github and post both the code changes, instruction and pre-compiled binaries there. Got to remember how to use github for that, it's been a while.
  3. What software are you referring to with 'later versions of than what I started with"? I made the modifications to the latest Touchmote available in Github and I'm using Demulshooter v8.7.0, 8.8.2, and 8.8.3. I haven't added games to Launchbox/Bigbox because I just started learning AHK. I was using batch files before but I need to send Alt+Enter to go fullscreen.
  4. I fixed the problem with Touchmote not reaching the sides of the screen. I had to modify the sourcecode from Github and implement a "linear ratio" for the stick position calculation that is configurable via the settings file. I ended up setting it as 1.4x (it was that bad). I think this is something in the works for Touchmote as I saw some configurable parameters that I tried extensively but just wouldn't work. I also tried the Touchmote-mss fork but I couldn't make it complie. I wonder if there are any restrictions to post alternative compiled versions of Touchmote online.
  5. @midd, I'm dealing with that same issue. Authentic Wiimotes > Dolphin Bar mode 4 > Vanilla Touchmote v10B15 and Demulshooter for non MAME. The problem is that the virtual stick generated by the Touchmote does not reach the edges of the X axis range. I also realized today that moving away from the screen helps but you need to move really far to reach the sides to the point that it is no longer usable. After spending the afternoon reading this thread I saw that there is a version of Touchmote forked by Tsoukkis in github that should allow you to trim/calibrate those edges to make it work. Unfortunately it seems that the forked code is not the latest version and you need an old version of VisualStudio to compile it. There is a pre-compiled version that another member posted. I'll give it a try and see if I can make it work with Win10. BTW, the developer of Demulshooter, is planning to release a new version in a couple of weeks that will enable support of Dolphinbar mode 3. without Touchmote. I'm very much looking forward to that. The only drawback is that you need to plug the nunchuck attachment to the wiimote to enable the IR sensor in mode 3. I have no clue as to why the Dolphinbar has that limitation.
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