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  1. Good info and I think I actually came across that in years past (meaning wherever you had written that before!). While for MAME, yes. But I think supermodel3 doesn't support this so we'd still have the same issue. On a funny note I wrote all the update the other day and got everything set up, only to have my dolphin bar decide to die. Thinking it needs reballed as taking a heatgun to it fixed it temporarily. I ended up ordering another as I really don't want to spend the time screwing around with it! Next stop - working on multiple mice cursors instead of joystick for gun # 2!
  2. I'm going to have to look into this, there is so much in that documentation that is useful!
  3. Checking in on this incredibly long and on going thread. I'm using (currently) the long dead touchmote 10b15 (last release official) since I haven't seen any binaries posted with improvements I've read about (but I'd LOVE for someone to!) and MAME 0.174. Some observations AND being able to update to the newest MAME- I think I figured out. Upgrading to MAME 234b I was still having the issues where when trying to set the x/y axis for the light gun using gun 1 (the mouse cursor profile vs. the joystick for gun 2). I started reading the MAME documentation listed here and found
  4. This just happened to me on the 11.14 update. It looks like I pulled up the bottom bar which contains the volume controls, and the quick play/add/configure buttons. It can be dragged all the way to the top, in line with the application window edges and over the min/max/exit buttons on the top left. If left there, there is NO way to resolve without defaulting your settings to the backup. Thank you for sharing this. Also to add, the backup settings which are dated are in an archive which you can extract the data file and replace. If you have a large library with lots of images this i
  5. Sorry on lack of clarity on my part! Im pretty sure you can release or share your touchdown compiled binary as long as you include the source or have published it (I encourage you to do so as I'd like a copy of the application too, I'm hit or miss compiling software without walkthrough) New version of MAME is what I was referring to - I went though the thread and it looks like a few can use .203
  6. Nice work! As long as you include the source code with it you should be fine. Just zip it up with the binary and source code with your modifications in separate folders and probably a readme stating what you modified. Being open-source and gpl3 I think thats the only caveat. Doesn't have to be posted, just distributed with/made available. As an aside - has anyone got this working with later versions of than what I started with? I'm not itching to upgrade but knowing the screen edge may be fixed here I kinda want to play with this again.
  7. That is a great doc! The question becomes, for more than just lightguns, can this be done for retroarch, dolphin, redream
  8. This is exactly why I think I Tomkun's on the right path with his script and would like to know more about it. I have the same problem in make between my dolphin bar, Xbox controllers and other gamepads. Also I need retroarch to just work with them too. And dolphin when I launch it to use the wiimotes as wiimotes.
  9. 100% this. I have 2 Xbox controllers, 2 wiimotes with dolphinbar, and a bunch of random gamepads I made (Bluetooth snes, genesis, nes) that get plugged in and out at random. So I'll have the Xbox controller on then turn on the wiimotes, and the wiimotes will be 3 and 4, then I'll change games and use the Genesis controller, then back to the wiimotes and the wiimotes will then be 4 and 5 (example not exact) . I need wiimote to be say 1 and 2 every time.
  10. I second that. I got some awesome gun holders, sprayed them black and use them for my light gun games. Pretty perfect setup. Now if only we could fix the joy1 joy2 joy3 resetting everytime the pc resets. Sadly windows assigns device id's to joy #s at random.
  11. I'm super happy this thread is still getting used AND people are making progress, especially cool to see pcsx2 worked out as well. The video tutorials getting out there are wonderful as well! Short of someone coming out with witless aimtraks or similar this has been a great community effort.
  12. Mame ini file, there's multiple, make sure your game ini and the main mame cfg are clashing.
  13. .174 and.175 dinput builds are the only way I could find to get mame to see the mouse. The xinput built in works with the sticks in all versions it seems, but mouse requires these direct input builds.
  14. That is genius, that's another issue I've had with dinput. Renumeration of joy1, joy2, joy3 and so on, after reset and at random! I'll try that! Now go add 2 mice to touchmote LOL! What do you have shoot and reload set to in touchmote? I think I used xinput A Y B X But I'll have to look. Maybe setting a and z to keyboard keys?
  15. Hmmmm. That would probably be no different than using the dolphin bar on mode 1 without touchmote then. Really what we need is the ability for (I think) dolphin bar to emulate "pointer" and "pointer 2" through dinput and have mame modified to accept direct input. Mame 1.7.4 dinput build already does half of this and with multimouse selected our only hangup is someone smart enough to add the code in to allow wiimote 2 to use "pointer 2" . It wouldn't get around the raw requirements of mame in a non modified dinput build, but it could work. The biggest hangup would be what is necess
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