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  1. UPDATE: Thanks to @C-Beats for taking a look at the crash log and screenshots I sent. It turns out this is related to a failed .NET 4.8 installation, and Launchbox was reacting to missing components.
  2. Debug was not enabled, so I enabled it. Upon launch I saw a complete UI window for the first time, but the program still immediately crashed. I've PM'd you my log. EDIT: To answer these questions: "What version are you installing?" 10.11 "Has Launchbox ever worked on this install? No it has not. The "CefSharp.BroswerSubprocess " error was more infrequent, but I will send a screenshot when I see it next. I sent a screenshot of the "regular" crash dialog. Thank you!
  3. Hi, thank you for replying. I'm not able to connect the machine to the net at the moment. I'll see if that's possible asap. @C-Beats - I know, I input 10.11 and that was my result. :( @neil9000 - Does Launchbox install a copy of chromium? I'm not able to connect the machine to the net at the moment. I'll see if that's possible. In the meantime, I'll try to install a browser myself and see if it provides some information.
  4. Thank you for your reply. It causes slightly different behavior. Launchbox now crashes almost immediately, and the welcome screen doesn't appear. Maybe this is an issue with whatever operation begins after that stage.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to solve the crash error related to: "CefSharp.BroswerSubprocess has stopped working". I just installed Launchbox on an offline Win7 machine. The machine is up to date otherwise and has .NET4.8 installed. The Launchbox installation unpacks the files in the specified directory, and seems to complete successfully. Something that appears to be a blank Welcome window appears. The application hangs and the Windows error dialog prompts the user to close the application. About 50% of the time a second crash dialog will appear that states "CefSharp.BroswerSubprocess has stopped working". Some internet searches lead me to believe this is related to a browser rendering a web page. Does the Launchbox welcome window display online content? Being an offline machine, this PC only has a basic version of Internet Explorer bundled with it. Is it possible the machine needs a modern browser installed in order render this content? If my guesses are off the mark, are there any other ideas? Thank you in advance for any help and advice.
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