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  1. a forgotten one here, RAIZING LOVE, you'll notice that i did one to fit with the UNIFIED genre Video for "Raizing Classics", colors are the same + 2 alt. white text & black shadow, below. also, i did a few styles, better to have the choice, with a white text & blue shadow & different bkg
    Hello Friends, based on your great cover, i did a localized recolonization for.... Guwange (Japan, Special Ver. 00/01/01) i love this game & thanks for the nice pack !
  2. i did these a month ago. (my bad they are slightly longer) as i said it was before i start to lurk seriously here, & thanks for the template ! also someone asked for an OpenBOR ring, here it is ! a bit of MD PAL Love. An alternative SNK Neo Geo AES (based on yours) i don't like red color for AES personally.
    very good job, just a sad problem in my eyes, you stretched the game video in 4/3 & it's natively 16/9. always learn from mistakes, nevertheless i will be glad if you repair this. keep up the good job
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