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    Having same issue over here, should be simple but cannot find any info on this, only tutorial video is from 3 years ago and it's not working.
  2. The main issue I was having was with the hold key to access pause menu, exit and volume but after playing around with it today, I realized I had issue with only some of my emulator and their input settings. It seems as though some of the input functions cannot be override by the hold button. For example, I would press my hold key then volume down but it would also put a coin in every time I pressed as it was primarily my coin button. I just moved my buttons around and got it to work. Thank you for the help and quick response!
  3. Hi everyone, my project is finally complete... almost! I finally have everything set up with LaunchBox and running on my cabinet. I purchased the license for BigBox and was really looking forward to the Keyboard automation feature but its not working. I have an X-Arcade tank controller (not sure of the model) and watch the tutorial and just can't get it to work as easy as it should be. I know the M1 M2 cannot be mapped or configured. I tried with D2, D4, Space etc. Does it only work with Retroarch? What am I missing. Can anyone help? Thx!
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