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  1. Maybe the larger the size, the more power needed to run hard drive. that is why there are no portable 8TB yet. I ordered 5TB WD HDD that is dedicated for gaming. Hope that it runs well with pcsx2, cemu, yuzu and rcps3 emulator.
  2. I forgot to mention it, Thank you for your reply. Maybe the Seagate that I got is defective. so, is it ok to use a portable hard drive. sadly, portable hard drive dont have 8TB yet.
  3. Sorry, It seems the subject of this thread is not the main topic anymore.
  4. Hi LB, 1.Doe anyone here use WD My Passport (5400 rpm) portable drive on emulation such as PS2, Dreamcast, PS3, Wii U? 2.How does it perform? 3.If you have recommendation, what External HDD I should use for emulation? I need an External HDD for portability as much as possible, external HDD that do not use external power supply. Note: I have Seagate Backup Plus HUB external hard drive 8tb, contains full PS2, DreamCast, PS3 and Wii U Games/Roms and it is stuttering every time. I also have WD My book 4tb (5400 rpm) and it works well, the problem is, It needs to be connected to the outlet in order to work.
  5. Hi LB, I have 2000 Ps2 roms (CSO and GZ format) inside my 8tb external HDD Seagate. The problem is, the CSO does stuttering every 5 seconds whenever I play PS2 games from my External HDD, however Gzip play with no problem. Is there any efficient way to play my games without converting all of my CSO to GZIP files?
  6. Hi LB, I just wanted to share the tool that I have created to rename the PS2 Game file from Game ID to Game Title. example: SLES-54604.iso => !Que Pasa Neng.iso Note: This tool renames PS2 Game files from Game ID to Game Title. This tool is only for .ISO and .BIN format (zip files are unsupported). This tool might failed to rename some files, that means the tool cannot find the Game ID from the 'Main List'. If that is the case, search the Game ID on 'PAL' or 'NTSC-U' tab then rename it manually. This tool might take a while, It depends on how many files you have. This tool might show "Not Responding" and that is normal, just wait for the Message Box "Done". Once Started, you can't cancel it. Disclaimer: The Game list are not mine. PS2 - Game ID to Game Title.xlsm
  7. Noted on your answers, I'll try to defrag and clean up my external hard drives.
  8. With that being said, I wonder why the PPSSPP runs smoothly on my WD Exfat?
  9. Hi LB, I have this External HD (Seagate Backup Plus 8TB) with a format of NTFS (100% Health) Brand New. (Powered by wall outlet) Also I have another External HD (WD My Book 4TB) with a format of ExFat (100% Health) 1 Year Old. (Powered by wall outlet) Now my problem is, whenever I play PPSSPP in Seagate External HDD, It stutters, and the FPS suddenly drops random times. But I dont experience this with my WD Extrnal HDD, it runs smoothly without a problem (same Game). Emulators and ISO are installed on each Drive. Main Question: Does the format of HDD affects the performance of an emulator? or It is depends on brand of the External Hard Drive?
  10. The filename of my ISOs only contains the GAME ID ("SLU00101.iso") and it does not recognized by the Launchbox when fetching MetaData, what I want is the Game Title (ex. "God of War")
  11. Hi LB, Is there a program to rename all of my PS2 ISOs so that the LB recognize it? I have a huge ISO collection and I can rename it manually, but it takes too much time. The current name of my Ps2 Isos : SLUS********.iso
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