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  1. Eureka! It's running from LB. Hooray!! Thank you. It was the system name. I'd added it as "Sammy Atomiswave" and had put only "Atomiswave" in the emulator settings. You caught it! Thank you very much! I promise to be more detail oriented through the rest of my setup process! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now for much dolphin machine gun joy.
  2. Thank you for being so patient. I provide support for a living. So I appreciate the how annoying my own lack of attention to detail is. I removed the Dreamcast reference. It was in there from the start. I'm not after DC emulation yet. Thank you for the pointers. I'll use those in future. I've made the adjustments to the emulator settings, but it's still not running. I'm aware the issue with this is in the cockpit, not the engine. I'm attaching the edited settings. When I was setting the resolution directly in Demul there were some resolutions that resulted in black screens. I've set it to run at fullscreen and display when I start a rom directly in Demul. Is there a similar setting I could change at the LB end somewhere that might fix it, please? Again, thank you for your support and patience.
  3. Sorry, I was editing while you were posting. Please see screenshots above. Thank you.
  4. Thank you. I didn't. I've added them but still nothing. I expect it needs a default command line parameter? Thank you for your response. That was very helpful. I just need to find the other thing I've missed. I've missed something for sure.
  5. Hello, me again, I'm trying to use Demul to emulate Atomiswave. I can launch games directly in the emulator, but when I try to launch them from LaunchBox I get the black screen. I've unchecked the box in the emulator settings "Hide all windows that are not in exclusive full screen mode", but I just get Demul sitting on top of the black screen. I thought once it worked in the emulator it would launch. I have a lot to learn. I'd be most grateful for any assistance, please. Thank you.
  6. Beati3

    Platform game lists

    D'oh. I worked it out. I had all the original media from a previous install in the folder. Silly me. Sorted now.
  7. Beati3

    Platform game lists

    Hello, In experimenting with Mame, Naomi and Atomiswave, I have managed to get all the Mame games included in all lists. (I have separate folders but at one point I put Atomiswave and Naomi roms in the Arcade rom folder.) The is despite re-importing the systems. Is there any way of cleaning up games lists once this has happened, please? I thought re-importing would fix it but it didn't. Do I need to start again? Thank you.
  8. I got the games working today. I got a Mame 0.223 set. I managed the MAME setup in the emulator where lightgun was set to off by default. I'm now finding my way around LaunchBox reasonably well for being less than a week in. Love the system. If other n00bs have trouble with lightguns, check the device settings in MAME. Lightgun is probably set to off. Thank you!
  9. Ah, that's a big help. Thank you for responding. Yes using only 1 wiimote Yes I have a Mayflash Dolphin Bar I'll look for a set compatible with Mame64 I should have realised the 2003 set was old. That really clears things up. Thank you again, Beati3
  10. Hello, I was inspired to get Launchbox by ETA Prime’s video on importing Mame sets and how easy it was. I know it has to be me, because ETA Prime has never given me a bum steer, but my Mame setup hasn’t been easy. After my first set only partially worked I got the full set - Mame2003 Plus - from Archive.org. I imported. I’ve played around a bit with the Mame.ini file to tweak lightgun recognition and setup rom paths to both archive and chd files, but even lightgun games I got working on a Pi 3B+ - Terminator2/Alien 3 - aren’t running. Controller only games are running fine associated with Mame64.exe. I fiddled with Retroarch and the lr-mame2003-plus core, but that didn’t work at all. I’ve turned reload off screen to 0 as someone suggested. I confused myself no end installing Touchmote - is it required? And now I’m in a funk because all I wanted was to play the lightgun games that wouldn’t run on the pi to run on my PC. I’m a little cheered playing Border Down, recommended by ETA Prime. Naomi and Atomiswave are working perfectly. I’d be grateful for any advice you might be able to give me. Thank you, Beati3
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