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  1. I went into the theme and removed the BG.mp4 video that plays in the background, which solves the issue. It's almost as if the video continues playing in the background while a game is running... clogs up resources way more than it should. Will replace it with something else down the line...
  2. Amazing that this got no replies so long ago... I have this exact same problem now. Most games are fine, but a handful have very bad stuttering audio. The thing is, they ONLY stutter when launched from BigBox. If I launch directly from MAME, or even LaunchBox, they play absolutely fine. It's only BigBox causing the issue. EDIT: I have narrowed it down to the Banner Box theme. Other themes let me play these games without audio issues. My PC is fine to run the theme, I really went overboard with the specs so that I could run modern fighters like Street Fighter V and Injustice, s
  3. These are fantastic, thanks! Would we be able to get the template to add our own? I'm being cheeky and creating PAL versions of US-only games to keep everything consistent.
  4. These are great, thanks! How do I make sure Launchbox uses them rather than the Genesis versions?
  5. I've searched high and low, so please forgive me if I missed the answer. I've imported all my roms and automatically grabbed the meta data and images from EmuMovies / Launchbox. Is there an option I'm missing somewhere that lets me set my preferred region or an option to toggle between Genesis and Mega Drive? I only want to see Mega Drive artwork (including platform logo) unless the game is exclusive to another region, then I don't mind if Genesis artwork appears. The images folder for Genesis is full of Mega Drive art with alternate folders for North America, Europe etc.
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