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  1. It is a logitech G29 steering wheel. button 24 is the round button inside the red circle and button 25 is the PS button. Ya its probably a very niche issue but man would they be the perfect buttons for start and close active window. #22&23 would also be nice which is the red wheel being turned clockwise or counterclockwise and would be perfect to flip the game box.
  2. I am building a driving cab and looking to use some of the buttons on the steering wheel to start a game and close active window via the controller mapping menu. For some reason I cant map those buttons with the controller mapping menu so I tried editing the inputbindings.xml file. Problem is the buttons I want to use are buttons # 24&25, but when I try to edit the .xml to Button24 or Button25 I get a crash when launching bigbox and the error is invalid button # and asks to submit an error report. Does Bigbox only recognize a set # of buttons or does anyone know a workaround I am not thinking of? other buttons like 1-10 work fine just seems like bigbox wont recognize buttons 24&25
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