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  1. Goblindriver thank you very much for your help I will have a go at making a theme, if it's any good I'll post it on the forum ?.
  2. When you use the community editor is there a setting for making vertical themes sorry to be a pain but I'm trying to get my head around how it works, I understand how to use layers like in photoshop and how each item goes into a box like artwork video text etc but do you use the editor in portrait mode or do you have to use landscape mode then rotate it after in windows so far there seems to be no videos of someone making a vertical theme, thanks
  3. Thanks I have done all that and the theme works in bigbox fine but when I try to edit it in theme creator it is not shown in a vertical aspect do i have to set windows to portrait ? TIA
  4. Hi how do you start a vertical theme ?
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