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  1. whats the best and cheapest DAS that i can get that has drives pre pacaged and can hold up to 50 or 64 TB.
  2. how good do you think the orico 5 bay is. thats the NAS im most intrested in getting since it can store up to 50 TB.
  3. how colud i possibly use a nas raid so that i have a collection thats 50 or 64 TB?
  4. also. whats the best NAS RAID to get that can contain up to 50 or 64 TB?
  5. I have looked into and am kinda intreseted in getting a NAS RAID thing so that i have like 50-64 TB or something like that. Problem is thou that i dont know for sure yet if its a good idea to put my collection in a NAS RAID. So is it fine or not?
  6. I just realized something. If the worst case scenario happens and i have to change my drive letter in order for my roms to work. Then would the steam directory stuff get messed up cause i do also have steam and because the directory are atached to drive letters or whatevers?
  7. if i move my launchbox collection to a different drive and the desktop icon is still in the c drive desktop then will i still be able to open launchbox thru the desktop icon?
  8. so that drive will work with launchbox and it will be just fine to fill with games into my launchbox collection?
  9. theres this 8TB external usb hardrive or whatevers that im thinking of getting to store my launchbox stuff. but the problem is that a youtuber called unbox junkie made a video called "Budget Friendly External Hard Drive 8TB". and it talks about this drive that i want to get but at 4:14 he says that he dosent really recomend to put your steam stuff in this drive. im worring that that might be the same case with launchbox but is it a good idea to put my lauchbox collection into this drive or not?
  10. wait a minute what about that dolphin folder thats in the documents folder (that contains stuff like memory cards) that i also talked about in this topic.
  11. so no matter what hardrive or ssd or whatevers my roms are in. the dircetory stuff for the roms wont get messed up as long as there in the same folders?
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