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  1. it still is not working frick it i will just use a standalone emulator for atari st and how do i go fullscreen when i bootup atari st games in launchbox with hatari standalone and by fullscreen i mean how i go fullscreen in retroarch i wanna do that kinda fullscreen with hatari standalone.
  2. u made it work what button did u press.
  4. Ok and i also kinda figured some stuff out with YAC reader so i'm kinda good right now. [PS. I now have every single sonic archie comic that i can read thoru YAC reader so NOICE...... well at the very least the main sonic archie series but still.]
  5. Okay but i don't know how to startup those some games.
  6. well i would like a tutorial video for comic readers like YAC and comic rack pls
  7. Well i got atari st working in retroarch with the hatari core. i just have one problem. I don't how to start my game! i tried preesing all the buttons i could but im' still stuck at the title screen of atari st games somone help me pls.
  8. how do i use comic book ultilty belt.
  9. Are any of u answer this qustion pls?
  10. a quick qustition here but can the p uae core in retroarch emulate the cdtv?
  11. DOS76 can u pls make a pack that contains many good comics so that i might not worry about what site to download from and stuff like that.
  12. Also are u sure getcomics is not a threat.
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