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  1. Cant aeem to find that were is it locate i check history and shows nothing
  2. Hello i install launchbox app opens fine when i try to open big box it just show big box logo and goes away i dont have any anti virus i just have defender any help please
  3. So just did a window 10 computer i have 2 player arcade button (like a cab) put one of the 2 usb to computer work try putting second player and i get usb cant be reconized they both the same 1 of them get reconized the other doesnt pc in general but wont connect to emulator 2 cause the oc cant detect it. Works fine on pi
  4. So i was playing my games and notice the second controller not working when i put it to usb says cant recognized but it detect the first one they both the same any ideas tha ks
  5. Hello hope everyone's doing well I just installed launch box and bought the forever license. So I tried to open big box it doesn't open it doesn't do anything when I click it I don't know what else to do
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