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  1. I have a 10 second delay until BigBox opens. How can I get it to open straight away.
  2. I have win7 64bit with kodi 18.9 can you tell me which file I should use. Thanks
  3. Is there a guide to how you create Platform theme videos. If not can someone please tell me how. Sorry if it is posted somewhere, I couldn't find it. Thanks
  4. Nice work. Do you have the source files for Windows AAA they was not in the pack I downloaded from Mega. Thanks
  5. Was doing just what you said. Thought I'd check the LB database again when I noticed "Book 2" was "Book Two" . Strange as The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3: Malcolm's Revenge is listed as Book 3. Still all working now Thanks for replying
  6. I have a game called - The Legend of Kyrandia:Book 2:The Hand of Fate - that is not found by the regular scrapers but it is on the LaunchBox Games Database. I saw this post - HERE So I replace the files in LaunchBox\Metadata folder with the one's from the zip, but it is still not being recognised. how do I get it to scrape LB Database
  7. neil9000 - Thanks for explaining that. New to all this .
  8. OK - the "hide games missing videos" was checked, cleared this and they appeared. I did not think this would matter as the game was not missing. Any ideas why the "show versions" is not working correctly.
  9. How can I remove the version number being displayed so it only shows game title. In my 2 pics the first one is with "show versions" UNCHECKED . The second is with "show versions" CHECKED If I click on edit and remove the version info in title (not changing the file name) then search metadata and download images the game disappears from display. Should the games be in there own folder.
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