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  1. Look really nice. any update on the final product? do you have the plant with measure ? I want to build one using a 32" tv I have sitting around. I anybody can point me to a good resource with the plant and measure for it I will appreciate it
  2. yeah I think that was the problem when I unchecked the download from mame it worked fine. If I leave the check on download from mame list or something like that it will download the entire mame roms list
  3. how did you find the correct name for the files/roms? I also have few roms where my launchbox on my pc picked up the metadata and downloaded the images, but launchbox on my samsung galaxy tab 2 is not and there is no way to manually search for the images and arts or manually add them. I think this option should be added in a future update, also the option to specify core emulator for certain roms like @Novasprite said. I noted that the android version of retroarch is missing lots of cores but that ain't launchbox problem
  4. I'm not importing mame game. well let me rephrase that. I'm using FinalBurn Neo for my neogeo roms and all I want to do it just importing few games including arts and images. but if I leave the button check for importing metadata from mame while importing the neogeo games it will import all neogeo games metadata and images and I don't want that.
  5. Just the data and files launchbox imported from mame server. I deleted by deleting the entire platform but I will like to have an option to clear data/metadata just like in the window version. the problem is when you are importing game if you leave the button on to import from mame it will import the entire mame list for game that you don't even have. and this will make your launchbox think you have all those game. Also download unnesesary files and including images xml etc to you device.
  6. First thanks to bring launchbox back to android. I'm still new to launchbox and just installed it on m y android tablet. I was trying to import my games from my pc so first I just export one NeoGeo game to try it out, but when I tried to import and I selected the directory where I export the game launchbox said 0 games selected then it started importing what look like all NeoGeo metadata. After it finish importing all the NeoGeo metadata it restarted and now it keep telling me i have more that 100 games limit for the free version. How can I remove all data on launchbox and just import the games/data that I need? thanks again
  7. Thank you for the videos. do you have any for Sega Naomi, Sammy Atomiswave, Sega Hikaru, CPS1 CPS2 ? will love to see more platforms videos from you. Thanks again
  8. J2chulo

    Atomiswave help?

    Now I understand but I did not even created a platform name for Sammy Atomiswave, I just selected from the dropdown menu and after imported the games the platform automatically show up on the platform left side menu on launchbox. I understand for you and others who has being using launchbox for a while it become easy to understand. But for me and other new to lunchbox user it can be confuse. Every tutorial I seen about Demul and launchbox does not tell you to select atomiswave neither Hikaru when importing games for each platform. They just tell you to associate demul to these platform. Never to imported as separate platform. You may think but that’s obviously and not when you search for naomi roms and it actually take you to a hikaru rom and you download it. You best bet is to import that rom as a sega naomi not as a sega hikaru or Sammy Atomiswave. And this is where non of those tutorial videos explain it. This is a learning process and sometimes you have to learn it by making mistake. I appreciate the community help here at this forum. The same think for scraping most of the naomi games doesn’t scrape correctly I found out a way to at least give me most of the media data I can find and foe the correct platform the media that are missing I have to create them myself. Again thank you all for your help and @neil9000 I apreciate your help and mostly showing me pictures that is very kind thanks ??
  9. J2chulo

    Atomiswave help?

    Ok I think I got it now. The problem was that I was importing all as Sega Naomi and not as Sammy Atomiswave. Now I will have to separate all the roms because I like to keep every platform separate
  10. J2chulo

    Atomiswave help?

    I’m a lil confuse when you says “confirm does the Associated Platform names match exactly how I have the platform name in LB” I just have the Associated platform and then the default command-line. I believe the name on Associate Platform is fine ( Sammy Atomiswave)
  11. J2chulo

    Atomiswave help?

    This is how my associated Platform setting look
  12. J2chulo

    Atomiswave help?

    Yes I do except the dreamcast. I cannot post an image of my setting right now but I can show you tomorrow. But my associates platforms look just like your except the dreamcast. I did it separate
  13. J2chulo

    Atomiswave help?

    I was able to figure out a way to force the game to launch with the astomiswave core by right clicking the game, edit, Emulation on the left menu, check (use custom command-line parameters) for the command line I entered -run=awave -rom= for the sega dreamcast I just duplicate demul directory and renamed it Demul-Dreamcast and I created a new Emulator with the dreamcast info it is working fine for now
  14. J2chulo

    Atomiswave help?

    I am having problem setting up atomiswave also dreamcast using Demul emulator. I got naami running fine but when I try to play a atomiswave game I get the Demul menu screen to select a game. I can manually sect the game by going into file, run Atomiswave. I have the correct path set up foe the rom and I believe I have the correct command-Line to run Atomiswave on my Launchbox Associates Platfoms. Can somebody help me ? IMG_3149.MOV
  15. You are right. It look like kof98 got combine. But kof2003 did not. If I got into my game directory I see a zip file name kof2003.zip, I also see kf2k3pl.zip, kf2k3upl.zip and kf2k5uni.zip these last 3 version of kof2003 should be showing up as the king of fighter 2004 plus, 2004 ultra plus and 2003 bootlet
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