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  1. My first ever ground up build. Not quite finished, but these were last shots I could take before it went off to a new home Pretty happy with this as a first attempt. Looking forward to applying learnings on V2. Adding screen bezel, rear lights, light guns and motion activation in next upgrade next month. V2 wll angle the speakers down and include opening storage areas as well as motion activation, light guns, and a professional speaker install.
  2. Update: using task scheduler also doesnt work
  3. Resurrecting this old thread to see if there's any new info. Running LB + BB on WIndows 10. Had Big Box running perfectly well on startup and then it just suddenly stopped loading on startup. It works perfectly fine when ran within windows, its just not loading on startup. Since it works perfectly when activated manually its reasonable to assume the issue is with startup... however: Have tried with and without "run as admin" privileges in all forms of combination for both the executable and the shortcuts. Have tried setting Big Box for startup in Shell Have tried the switch for startup within windows startup options. Have set exceptions for the folders and tried disabling Antivirus software. There aren't any events or logs that indicate a shutdown due to malicious activity, and BigBox works perfectly well when manually activated, so not sure why its refusing all efforts to load at startup. Thanks in advance.
  4. Great thanks Rage, so this also includes media? Would we need to keep the same drive letter?
  5. Hi all, I'm building multiple machines for personal use. It's going to take about a few weeks to set up all roms and media due to download speeds here and only being able to do one platform per day. Once its all done I'd like to be able to export the entire environment so I can replicate without the wait time. Any advice or links for how I can make the environment fully exportable? Thanks
  6. Just checking in again on this. Whats the best pathway for scenarios where a full import is impossible in one session? Incrementally or complete with errors then re-import / scrape? Cheers
  7. @Retro808 haha as if to prove my point my internet just dropped on me and now its skipped a bunch of titles and I have hundreds of errors. So what is the best pathway to import in a scenario where its guaranteed a full set import will fail? Incrementally? Or let it import fully, with whatever failures occurs, and then try to recapture those? If letting it import fully, should we try to capture the failures via scrape or attempting a totally new import (assuming it will skip existing media and be able to have a second crack at whatever was missed first time rather than creating a whole new set of missed files) thanks heaps
  8. Cheers thanks. I turned on VPN and its sped things up quite a bit so there must be some policies set on game database server side for intl xfers. By my calculation Mame should take about 30 hours, down from several days. If i were to manually stop a full romset import half way through to lock in the ones already done, will starting it again skip over all the titles already done? Basically i want to lock in the import incrementally as having 30 hours of uninterrupted power or internet may not be possible here in Vietnam
  9. Also @Retro808 if I do scrape later does it mean the system can't be used during that scrape? My concern here is that if its having this much difficulty importing media for even 1 platform, and if the system can't run until a media scrape command is complete, then trying to do a scrape on a build with a large number of titles across multiple platforms would be basically impossible, leaving the system unusable unless it managed to stay on for a month. Ie: doing this later is going to make the amount to be scraped much, much larger, and if the system cant operate during this time, then theres a problem. Thanks for your guidance!
  10. OK thanks I'll give that a shot. If i click cancel now then should I do anything to purge certain folders, considering that it seems that cancel also makes me lose anything successfully imported until now? Since the check for duplicates box will be unchecked if i cancel and restart, do I need to go in and remove them manually since it will be redownloading and not checking
  11. Hi all, First time user here doing initial set up on a 100% new cabinet with new hardware and clean install etc. I have a paid bigbox and emumovies membership. Its taken about 18 hours to get 15% of one system's games imported. Clicking cancel shows zero games imported after that 18 hours. If I actually bite the bullet and wait, it will take about 5 days of uninterrupted runtime with no shut downs for one system, so assumably about 1 month of keeping the computer on to do a full import of all my games. I can't wait that long. I tried disabling emu movie linkage but it only helped marginally. each title takes forever downloading box art etc. Is there a way to just get all my games imported without any media then launchbox silently adds everything in background? I need to move on to next stage of set up and cant wait a month for this to finish. The program doesnt allow me to perform other operations or load big box whilst importing so Im stuck here unable to proceed with set up. FYI its not internet speed on my end. Have a 100Mbps connection thats sitting close to idle waiting. Thanks in advance.
  12. Would this affect people outside of America such as myself. I'm trying to import my snes database, turned off emu movies linkage and itys been about 18 hours and its about 15% done. Anything else I'm downloading at 50Mbps. Is launchbox hosted on comcast? And if so how does the VPN improve that situation?
  13. Hi all. Just purchased the launchbox big box premium plan. first time user here going through initial set up. The training videos reference big box as a separate entity and In the videos its a separate executable. However I cant find any downloadable /executable for big box specifically. Is it now integrated directly into lunchbox, and if so can I confirm what the best and most up to date Noob set up guide is for December 2020. Cheers and merry xmas
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