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  1. Thanks. I am running Windows 10 so it would appear that at least my issue, while similar to @Tityo78's, is OS agnostic.
  2. I figured out when and where this bug occurs. The specific situation is when you have just one and only one system installed. Also, to add, the bug occurs after you have traversed one level within settings->then you go back to the main area->then you go back once more back to the main menu. Very peculiar bug, I must say. For 99% of folks, the bug will never show but if you have just one system of games and notice this behavior, that is why.
  3. Here is a very basic scrapping task failing for some inexplicable reason from my perspective as a user: I checked the links and I have no issues downloading the content manually. I also ran downloads again across my Internet via JDownloader for another terabyte or so of data and had zero issues downloading that content. So I am a bit confused why scrapping downloads keep failing since I can rule out my physical connection.
  4. I am getting some pesky EmuMovie errors too in addition to download dropouts whenever scrapping LaunchBox Game Database. I created a bug ticket: jasondavidcarr / LaunchBox / issues / #6006 - Errors Connecting to EmuMovies and — Bitbucket
  5. Funny you should share this. I normally don't have scrapping issues but I had some yesterday as well. I would add that I was experiencing issues scrapping yesterday as well where files were inexplicably failing to download at around the same time. I am fairly certain it wasn't my network connection either because I had been downloading several terabytes of roms from Archive.org without any dropouts or CRCs issues. EmuMovies login was working, though.
  6. I think there may be a bug. I am getting this strange screen whenever I switch from the settings section to the front-end of BigBox. It is also stuck as soon as I get caught in it and I have to forcibly close BigBox from task manager. Otherwise, it seems to be working well if I avoid traversing from settings to the front-end:
  7. I guess the reason I’ve never bothered to voice an opinion on a feature like this is I fall in the camp of people who think that if I wouldn’t want my shire folk to see or play it, I probably shouldn’t be seeing or playing it myself. Now, if a VidAngel of sorts existed for games, I guess I would be more open to the idea except such a tool would be a coding nightmare to maintain or even to create to begin with. Then again, if such a thing even existed, we wouldn’t need even need a curated list at that point since we could just filter out objectionable content on the fly. That said, if others ar
  8. Hey @Jason Carr! A RetroArch team member just reached out and has stated they have since softened their stance allowing the bundling of RetroArch and Libretro cores in commercial products. The biggest takeaway here is RetroArch could now be bundled in future releases of Launchbox! See here:
  9. Wow, cool! Now that NVIDIA has enabled GPU passthrough in their latest driver, I might try beta testing this in a VM on my main arcade rig.
  10. I share the same sentiments as Dan! This looks to be a huge UI upgrade so thank you! So judging by what @wallmachine showed above, does that mean we are beginning to get 2D grid wall view options akin to what gameOS has in Pegasus frontend (see below)? 🤞
  11. You can also combine the game file sets with either CUE or GDI into CHDs so you have a single, slimmer file to deal with. I did this both with my Sega CD CUE romsets as well as with my Dreamcast romsets (GDI-based) which also had multiple files. It not only saved space but made file management a breeze. (I wish Wii U were this easy and not a labyrinth of files, but I digress...) I have a batch script I found online that I modified to that can combine most any .cue set into CHDs. I will update this post with the files once I track it down. EDIT: See attached. You should be able to run thi
  12. One word of clarification. Moonlight uses XInput already so it works as along as you set up everything as XInput. Yes, if you set up x360ce in combination with White Knight, any DirectInput controller can be used as an XInput one. In fact, you can combine or join multiple controllers into one virtual controller as I explained above including wireless and Bluetooth ones. x360ce, in its latest releases, uses ViGEmBus so you no longer use DLLs but instead run the application and the virtual controllers are seen system wide. White Knight, though, is necessary again to eliminate the duplicate Direc
  13. In my case, I use XInput all around. I have my emulators (RetroArch, Dolphin, Cemu, Xenia) set up to use XInput, so I can switch interchangeably pretty easy since it is XInput no matter what and they are see them as Xbox controllers either way. I also set up x360ce (version to convert DirectInput into XInput to merge/combine/overlap my physical cabinet controls and wireless gamepads. That is to say, I can use either my cabinet's pushbuttons and joysticks or turn on my wireless gamepads and play with them, or even use all at the same time interchangeably! I then hide their actual phy
  14. I've used GeForce Experience with Moonlight and it is one of the finest options because it was lag free and butter smooth and supports custom resolutions matching your device. You can set that up to stream across the internet through your router as well.
  15. Node.js Virtual Gamepads View File GitHub link: https://github.com/hifihedgehog/node-virtual-gamepads Ever have friends over and was shy in the controller department? Have them connect to your local Wi-Fi network and access this handy dandy application! This Node.js application instantly transforms any smartphone, tablet, or other Internet browsing touchscreen device into a full-fledged gamepad controller simply by reaching a local web address. I stumbled on this neat little Node.js application on GitHub. (Credit goes to egemenertugrul and jehervy
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