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  1. Hello there! I Generally only use the "platform view" (not the "platform categories" view), for two reasons: 1. All the platforms are neatly listed in a row and when I select a platform I get the view that I want. (I haven't figured out how to apply this to playlists and such, so I have to use the platform view anyways). 2. I don't want platform theme videos, I want it to show a random gameplay video each time I "scroll by/stop at a category). I want to have "sub categories" within those platform categories, while keeping it the way it is (for instance if I select "Super Ninte
  2. My problem with M.U.G.E.N. is that it is hardly ever remotely "balanced". Sure It would be hard to have something 100% balanced when everyone can make characters, but It's not fun to have characters that just inta win with one hit/are invulnerable, or just plain don't work :P. Could I have a link as well? You seem to be great at curating in general :p.
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