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  1. Not for mame specifically, but I have two "Play modes" playlists, (One for all my favourite games, and one for all the games I have not played yet) with sub playlists based on amount of players and type of multiplayer. This way when I have friends over I can for instance find all games that are 2 players + and allows for simultaneous plays, or all games that are for 4 players + alternating, online/link cable/lan only or any combinations of this. Cuts away all the "Does this game have multiplayer?" "Did that game have alternating, or simultaneous coop?" "what games can we play with more than 6 players?" etc.
  2. 1. I have my launchbox split like this: I have all games in for example "super nintendo" as one, with europe being the default (yes I know it is sub par compare to 60hz USA, but it's a nostalgia thing). I have the additional regions under "additional apps". So for instance the game "Super pang" will be called just that, and then "super buster bros" will be listed as an additional app as the "USA version". Then I have all games that are in japanese only under "Super famicom", this is so that both me, and any friends I have over can grab any game they want under the super nintendo platform and be sure that they can both play and understand it. With platforms like Amiga, I have one platform called amiga, and then I have a different platform straight below it that is called Amiga (non english). I use two different clear logos that both say Amiga for each platform respectively, but they are different in appearance/colour. I do however when I google and find regional differences (Like for instance the japanese version of symphony of the night has 2 extra familiars cut from the english versions, or for instance actraiser 1 which is easier in the USA version because it was nerfed because the japanse believed it would be too hard for american audiences, and the pal version is somewhere in the middle of the two). Add any games with regional difference to a playlist simply called that, because then I know that all the games in that playlist has differences between it's versions. I also made one for games with fan translations/romhacks etc. 4. I always create images for any that are missing using paint.net. Making sure that I have at an absolute minimum, box art and clear logo. For stuff like fan games and mods and such I just make simple and "good enough" box art. I also record videos for the games that are missing them, or have bad videos (choppy sound/laggy/really bad gameplay etc.) I add all games on a one by one basis, so I all the 3000 games I have in my launchbox has all the media it needs. Like here is the box art and clear logo I made for dune dynasty (a fan continuation of dune 2), It is not amazing, but it looks fine in launchbox, at least on my 60inch 4k tv. + the current amiga logos I use (might change em later)
  3. Thanks for clearing that up, I will do feature requests in that order from now on
  4. Hmm that is quite interesting, thanks for letting me know!. I am not comfortable with trying to make my own theme just yet, but it is something that I have on my "bucketlist" for a future far far away. That is definitively a feature I would have included in my theme.
  5. Most likely a bug yeah. Again, sorry for the off-topic post. Reason I asked instead of going to "request a feature" is that I did not want to waste your time having "requested features" in bitbucket, if that feature was something that would never be possible to implement. As I have never used bitbucket before I started using launchbox, I have no idea if "reading a forum post and replying" is less or more of a logistical nightmare than "seeing something on bitbucket and then closing that request and removing it". As I have no technical "know how" I have no idea how bitbucket works from the admin/workflow/logistical side of things. I just (probably wrongly) assumed that it was less stressful and annoying to read a forum post than sifting through hundreds of "useless" feature requests in bitbucket that you then have to either "decline or approve". I hope that I make sense and that I am not simply "waffling". As you can see English is not my first language. Edit: Btw I just realized that a lot of my posts (and other peoples posts) have a "negative tone", as in they are mostly about stuff that is wrong/questions about things that we do not understand. Which is fine since all constructive feedback is good be it positive or negative. However I do want to say that I do love the program, and that it has changed gaming in a huge way for me. And after this update the video playback actually works a lot better now that I got rid of the "hiccup" I had. Now it shows trailers as well + the videos seem to be "more random" and not the same 10 videos out of 300 playing again and again. I just felt I should add that here as you do not seem to have a "positive feedback" forum ?
  6. There was nothing update related to turn off, it changed without rhyme or reason, nor was anything related to the issue I had stated in the changelogs. So I did my research/googling before I asked on the forum. When something works one way, and suddenly changes, when you did absolutely nothing, and there is nothing you can change to turn it back the way it was, It is not being lazy. (It was a bug btw, as Jason explained). Had you read my previous posts (which was lazy not to do) you would have understood this, do not project your lazy persona unto others. Your post contributed absolutely nothing to an issue that was closed, only serving to bloat a topic which was supposed to be left unbloated.
  7. It worked when I changed the priorities around after some help from people on the forum. Will there ever be a possibility to change it so that it shows gameplay videos on the games view, but theme videos on the platform category view? Or is this too resource heavy/hard to implement? Right now most of the theme videos are "too small" on game view, but perfect on the platform category random view. So I have opted to stop using theme videos for the time being, but it takes ages to delete em all ? Edit: I just realised I am now asking about features not on the list, I did not mean to do that, I asked because it was relevant to the issue at hand. Hope that was ok?
  8. Good to know, got a bit scared to day when I updated and all of a sudden my platform categories view behaviour changed. (It started only showing theme videos, while before it only showed gameplay videos when set to random video). I do not like it when stuff is forced upon me. I do have a lifetime subscription so that would not be a problem
  9. Hey, 2 things. First of all thank you very much for the reply, I hadn't seen that option, and have now changed it so it prioritizes properly. Though do you have any idea why it has not prioritised theme videos before now? I had theme videos on top, but it was only after this update that it all of a sudden started only showing me theme videos in platform category view. (Before that it only showed gameplay videos, and NEVER theme videos). Is the thing I'm wanting even possible? Or will it never be a feature due to the way launchbox is programmed/to resource heavy/hard to implement?
  10. Since we can only comment on what is on the list and not suggest better options. I would like to say that if the "Suggested games/reccomended games" feature is implemented, I will stop using launchbox if it cannot be turned off. There is nothing I hate more than having shit "suggested" to me, I can find my own groceries/games/magazines/movies/music/books whatever, I don't need to be suggested/shown ads/be told what to watch/play/do next. Sorry if I sound angry, but as someone suffering from concentration problems I have a natural hatred for every pop-up/blinking avatar/slider/useless extra bit of text/images that I am currently not interested in.
  11. How do you set "play random video when platform video missing" to prioritize like this?: Theme if available > gameplay video if available It used to be that my platform view only played random "gameplay videos", but now it's fucked (after update/degrade) and only plays theme videos, refusing to play anything else. I want it so that it plays theme videos on the random video screen, and plays gameplay videos on the game select view. If it can't what is the point of having labels like "trailer"/"gameplay video"/"theme" etc. (For downloading sure, but it is easy to see what it is after download). Edit: I found a screenshot where the option in bigbox had "piroritise theme videos", but I can't find that option anywhere on my bigbox (with default theme or otherwise)
  12. Archmage_R


    Sure, will do in the morrow, it's late here. Thanks again for the help.
  13. Archmage_R


    Guess I can add the gog versions as MS-DOS (GOG), and the patched/modded versions of games as something else. I'm a bit unsure what to do with street rod online though, I could make it as an "additional app" for street rod/street rod 2. Not sure if you are familiar with it? Might be worth adding to exo. (Just a suggestion, I am not trying to tell you what to do, you know best). Basically a guy bought the license for the street rod games, and got a hold of some data disks that were "lost to time/hard to come by" from ebay. These are original and official disks for street rod that replaced all the cars in street rod 1 with new ones. So now he has released for free all the street rod games + the version with the new cars as fully working windows versions with controller support and everything. (I do believe they run through dosbox though). Since he owns the license it is an "official game", and since the extra cars were released for dos back in the day (just in a very small hard to come by quantity), they are actual old non pirated dos games. So as far as I can see they fit with the exo vision. (https://www.streetrodonline.com/) Here is a video with proof of the data disks existance:
  14. Archmage_R


    Hey, thanks for the quick and helpful reply :). One question though, is it safe to do any changes in launchbox? For instance naming the MS-DOS platform to eXoDOS?, or adding any other executables as new versions? (For instance adding fan modded games as extra executables/gog versions etc). I'm thinking more like in a "future proofing" sense. So that when the next exodos comes out I don't have to overwrite the xml file again, removing all the games I have added to the MS-DOS platform.
  15. Archmage_R


    Hope this is not too much of a bother, but I can't seem to find the pinned posts in question. I try searching, but I come up blank. Might be because english is not my first language, and I'm not all that technical. Could you provide me with a direct link to the topic or explain how I can find it? Thank you.
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