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  1. From what I understand right now from watching and reading all the content about this gun - the white box around the game is an overlay created by the gun software. It runs independent of any other game/content on the display. If you haven't already noticed, the white box in the demo covers up health bars, etc. at the edges of the screen. I believe that if this lightgun makes it to market and gains traction, there will have to be some changes to how games are scaled (98% resolution scale?) in order to see the entire game screen within said white box. I messaged Sinden about a few questions that I had and here is his response. I'm super excited now! 1. What sort of focal length/field of view does the 60fps camera have? Another way to ask this is: "What distance away from our 120" projection screen do we need to sit to be able to use these guns?" 2. Will the white border be adjustable to accommodate displays susceptible to burn-in (CRT, Plasma, OLED)? I imagine options to change the color and brightness of the border will be needed by some users.
  2. So this is a thing that I'm sure many of have thought would work, but never accomplished. My wife and I just backed this Kickstarter (the 2-gun pack for ~$240 USD). It works on any screen - CRT, LCD, OLED, PDP, even PROJECTION! 5ms tracking/image processing time on top of any obvious screen latency. But dat accuracy... dang! Right now, the only downside that I can see is that it requires a white border around the game content in order for the camera software to "see" the bounds of the screen. However, that's a small price to pay for ZERO calibration, being able to move around the room/couch, rotate the gun, etc. Seems super versatile and crazy accurate! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sindenlightgun/the-sinden-lightgun/description
  3. It's hard to explain better than the thread title, so here's a video of what I'm referring to. How do I resolve this?
  4. Yeah, that's why I'm looking for a shader(s) that does. I don't have the Kurozumi shader in my shader directory, so I'll have to track that one down and try it, thanks.
  5. I've got a 65" Sony X930E and I've been messing around with several CRT shaders (Royale, apeture, etc.) bundled with Retroarch and most of them seem as though they are designed around smaller displays or 1080p displays. The scan lines all seem gigantic and increasing the scaling of the shader often results in a grid-like appearance or what I can best describe as a synthetic moire pattern. While there probably isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for NES, Genesis, SNES, and arcade, the common thread between all of them is that I want to replicate the appearance of a finer-pitched, high resolution Sony CRT monitor. Something more like a CRT monitor than an NTSC TV is preferred. Any suggestions?
  6. I think the LB/BB licenses that I bought were from a time before the emumovies discount days. I looked through every email I could find related to LB and EM. Any chance of retroactively awarding me the coupon codes?
  7. I included a link above to the mount I use from amazon. Otherwise, I have a thread in the Builds subforum with details about the rest of the setup. The only extra setup required is configuring games to run in portrait mode. PinballFX has a specific mode that needs to be activated by contacting the developer. MAME can do it on a per-game basis. Likewise other PC games like Ikagura can be set up for portrait mode. Latency for pinball is like everything else, it depends on your display, software, and controllers. Mine feels fine, but I'm not a hardcore pinballer.
  8. I have my plasma on a rotating mount to change between landscape and portrait mode for vertical games/pinball. http://a.co/5kx0xBN
  9. Very nice. Which AMD graphics card are you using? R7 what?
  10. Vigilante 8 plays like a dream! Thanks for this.
  11. Can you please post a picture to help explain?
  12. Can't you cast to PS4 with Plex? Latency might be terrible...
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