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  1. Yes, when I set up my trackball I set multimouse to 1 and in your image where it says trackball_device I put mouse and mine is working fine now.
  2. Once I got frustrated enough I finally just copy and pasted the entire rom path and it loaded. I now use a similar strategy for each emulator. I also have become very organized in where I allow the files to be. Basically I started over (deleted everything - luckily I had just began).
  3. It may have been this D3DX9 file which you can get free from microsoft here
  4. UPDATE: I added the entire path name to the "rom path" in the config file and it looks like that may have been the issue. Although I can't be 100% positive of that since I wound up deleting all the MAME games and loading only a few until I got them working. My next project is to get the trackball to work with MAME, had some issues with it last night. It works as a mouse but does not work in a game??? If this persists I will create a new thread to discuss potential fixes, unless there is one already
  5. Thank you guys for the assistance. Much appreciated. I believe like others have said is it is an issue of incomplete roms. Or missing files. Solution from what I have gathered on this issue: Load small batches of MAME games and check as you go, when one doesn't work look for an individual working rom. Unless I am missing something? Already loading my next, and hopefully more successful, MAME set. Good Gaming
  6. Soooo, I just started clicking on game after game on MAME and I can get some of the games to open. So I immediately found the same game in Launchbox and guess what...it opens. Progress
  7. I was actually beginning to investigate this when I noticed your comments. So I checked as you suggested and here is what I saw, images attached. The game did not load, and the game title was grey and not white...so unavailable? Right?
  8. Here is where I am at...first I am the type of person that will spend hours researching an issue to try to solve it myself. And I did find numerous topics pertaining to this problem. I tried all the remedies and none fixed the issue. Included are screenshots of my settings... Loaded Launchbox recently loaded one NES game as a test, loaded emulator...all worked fine. Loaded MAME set, loaded MAME emulator...get initializing prompt then nothing. Appreciate any help thanks
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