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  1. Launchbox is also a beckend, Bigbox is the frontend. it's a shame there is no cli support though, they locking you in to use bigbox probably for the money but i would happily pay to unlock cli support.
  2. wow, well that's it then, i have to stick with RL. thank's for the info.
  3. sorry for not making it clear, i was hoping to have LB replace RL as a launcher only, not FE, so no media is needed. all i need is for LB to know where every rom is and how to launch it with an emulator. (i know it doesn't have all the features RL has) i don't want to use the built in scraper because i need it to use the same naming convention and i already have all the romlists files set up in my FE (Attract-Mode) and they also hold the game stats. and also sometimes i switch between frontends. so really what im looking for is some way to convert my list of games (either hyperspin style xml or AM romlist) to the LB xml format without using the scraper. i can write a script that will do that but the biggest problem that comes to mind is that LB doesn't separate the file extension from the file path, that might be a problem if you have multiple extensions on the same platform.
  4. hi, as rocketlauncher slowly dying im currently thinking of moving my setup to launchbox and been messing with it for the past week. so i been thinking if there is a way to import my database files (xml) instead of letting launchbox download it, to save time and also because im using the same database on my frontend. and also, if there is someone here that moved from RL to LB and has something to share, please do
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