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  1. Prolly too late - but did you read this via the Help: http://magoarcade.org/docs/doku.php?id=software:typextra:start#command_line That shows you how to do the command line
  2. Hey - I wrote TypeXtra. I'm sure specifically how Lauchbox works, but you just need it to construct a command line from a set of 'ROMS' You create shortcuts for each game: http://magoarcade.org/docs/doku.php?id=software:typextra:start#shortcuts and then point your front end to it where it should treat shortcuts as roms. You can then setup TypeXtra as an 'emulator' and then send it a command line built from the 'romname' Sorry can't be more specific as don't use Launchbox, but sure someone here would know how to achieve this? Hope helps
  3. Seek and ye shall find. Emuline might be a good place to start.
  4. I'm the author. My original deployment contained an GameLoaderAllRH exe by mistake. Google detected it and flagged it. I've since removed the offending article, but google are being d***s about it - I just cant get them to acknowledge the new builds as safe. If you try downloading it in other browsers - you'll get no such indicator. Also, scan it with windows defender - no issues. It's just google being arrogant and annoying. If you want to check I'm kosha - just search over on byoac and GameEx forums - I aint no hacker!
  5. Hi. Yes. Its developed a bit. Its essentially going to be a front end, but one that can also operate as an additional screens app too. Idea being other front ends can use it as just a controls viewer, say, via command line passing system and game. Its database is being built with launchbox in mind (all system ids correspond for instance). The trick is going to be matching the games in my db with those of LB. One that I would need to turn to the lb community for (essentially a mapping excercise). I wont post the project site here as that's poor form given its also a front end. Its fledgli
  6. That won't be happening as game controls need to be accessible to all (think MAME controls.dat) rather than front-end specific. However, I am designing it to be compatible with the all the major front ends so will be coming to you Launchbox guys for any standards - I've already gotten hold of Launchbox system names + parsed the games database. It'll be stand-alone cmd-line driven. I'm more of a hi-fi separates guy
  7. I'm migrating everything to a new server, so it'll be down for a couple of days. Yes - it can do all you want it to do. However, I'd strongly suggest you wait for the next version as it'll be less buggy and the whole emphasis is on crowd sourcing game controls. It'll be vastly better.
  8. Just to let you know that I'll no longer be maintaining the original CPWizBiz, due to developing a completely new app. We're talking 6 months before beta, however.
  9. @DrEvil Interesting. It'll certainly be possible on additional displays - I'v been considering having layouts in 'panels' - that is you could have a control and marquee panel sharing the same display. Not sure about the main screen, though - overlays to the emulator render would have to be on a per-emulator basis? Certainly animation will be possible on panels - I haven't got a pincab myself so don't know much about the LED animations that you see on them - are they just videos or a special file format? It'd make sense to also design it with pincabs in mind... As for testing - thank
  10. Hi all, Whilst I don't use launchbox - I admire its form and achievements! I'm currently re-designing an app of mine that shows game controls and other game-related assets (such as marquees and extended game info). Originally this was designed to run on multi-monitor setups. The redesign ideas include: Game controls with high granularity (e.g. different controllers for the same system) Online controls database - meaning it gets populated by users over time Fully on-the-fly layout generator from existing game assets possibly a pause-type menu for these assets
  11. Hi. I'm currently rewriting CPWizBiz which does exactly this on a controls per game basis. It'll also include the ability to show other game related media on other screens (dynamic marquee etc). It's quite a project to do properly, so gonna take about 6 months. As I don't use launchbox as my FE I'm interested in making links here to ensure compatibility (eg on naming conventions etc). Anyone interested in being the lb rep?
  12. If your set doesn't have the right game.inf you can just point tx to the game folder manually. Via the folder icon beneath the game info.
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