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  1. Specifically, the file explorer context menu and menu bar icons were updated, they look vector based outline style icons. They look pretty good against the windows dark theme.
  2. I really like the UX improvements being done for this release. The menu cleanup was very much needed. Replacing the blocking dialogs with windows notifications is very much appreciated. Any plans to update the menu icons to align more with Windows 11 style and the new dark theme interface? I can help find replacements if needed, but should be easy. The check for updates function still has a blocking dialog and also can't be done when any other operation is in progress, like checking for missing media or scanning. The cleanup media window is a modal and blocking using LB while it scans, does it have to block? I use the edit metadata (edit game) more than any other context menu item. I would prefer that to be a top level item instead of underneath a sub menu, but I started using ctrl-E more, so I may not care so much in the future. The bundled VLC is a few patch versions behind, which has some mp4 fixes that may or may not matter.
  3. I run nightlies on anything and everything I use. Betas if nightlies aren't available. Everything from emulators to running Windows 11 dev to running beta dependencies in the software I develop. I like staying on the bleeding edge, I've been doing this for about 20 years without any major issues that made me reconsider my update obsession, of course I can handle any issues that come up but haven't had to rollback anything in quite a while. I'm certainly an outlier and not a normal user. I like to get stuff early. The only early betas I tend to hold off on are Android OS betas since they are always really buggy for the first few betas. You may think I'm nuts and love things to be broken, but that hasn't been the case in my experience. Bugs can't get fixed before a stable release without people like me If launchbox had automatic silent nightly updates, I would enable it in a heartbeat. You should be able to get a 7z of both release and nightly of RA, those don't differ by structure, although I do see that checking if the nightly is already at the latest would probably be different unless they made a github pre-release for those as well. https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/windows/x86_64/ That said, I have powershell scripts that run every 6 hours to make sure everything is updated on my machines. So I have a PS script that downloads the latest nightly and extracts it to the install location. So if you don't implement that ability in launchbox, I'll be ok since I would have to run an update manually with LB anyway. I have considered making a PS script to update to the latest launchbox beta automatically, but so far I just launch LB and check manually (please add auto-silent updates in the future).
  4. I use retroarch nightly, can a toggle be added to update to the latest nightly?
  5. Some platform logos need fixing: psp, gamegear, ps3, 3ds The videos load/slide fine for me, it's faster. Even though I have a high end system (8700, 16gb, gtx 970), the old theme would stutter for a microsecond right on the center of the wipe transition to the video. Something not seen in the preview gifs or videos. This version of the theme is noticeably more performant and does not have this issue! Transitions: I set platform video & game video transitions to 'None'. The defaults like slide horizontal make the wipe effect a lot more jarring. For testing, I set all transitions to None and tested. I decided on Slide Vertical for the list transitions. The transition type seems to directly affect how the video wipe transition looks and how fast it goes, None or Door looks best the video transitions. There's a black background behind the platform videos seen during the wipe transition, this should be the platform color, the platform color will make it seamless and less jarring when the video is moving into place. The fonts are different, however I'm open to new fonts, check out Beyond Calibri: Finding Microsoft's next default font | Microsoft 365 Blog This is fantastic. I'm sticking with this even though I prefer dark mode, I'll live with light mode for now. This version performs noticeably better. There is a bug where if you transition back and forth repeatedly, it will have black screens. Restarting big box fixes it.
  6. OK first thing I noticed is that you have retroarch setup all weird. Unless you did that as a way to launch alternate cores, you don't need all of those entries. If those are entries for alternative cores then ignore me. However, if you just thought that's how you set it up, then you should fix it. You just need 1 entry of retroarch. So if you just did that just to launch retroarch then delete all of those. Add a new one and use the prefilled dropdown and pick retroarch. Then go into platforms tab then you just choose the core for each platform. So you only need 1 retroarch emulator listed. The way you did it 'works' but it only makes sense to do that if you want an easy way to launch a game using an alternative core. Moving on... I have the pscx2 standalone setup as well. I could not reproduce your issue with launchbox. I double click on a ps2 game and only 1 instance launches. even if I intentionally double click again a few seconds later. I update nightly to the newest dev release. I do have reWASD on my machine, although I have no remaps active for LB, BB, or pscx2. It would seem to be that it's something on your box. Do you use something like JoyToKey or some other input remapper. Are you launching launchbox directly or are you starting it through another launcher like Steam? Steam does have it's own input remapping functionality that can cause phantom repeated inputs with controllers, not sure if it would affect the mouse. Since it seems specific to pscx2, I start there. I would check it in your emulator list to make sure it doesn't appear twice. I would also go into edit platform > ps2, and set pscx2 as the default, say yes to the prompts. Open the Data/Emulators.xml file and Find pcsx2 and check to see if there's a duplicate section in there? Not sure how launchbox would start just pcsx2 twice and nothing else, but I can't repro it. I would put my money on it being some type of input software you installed, like software or drivers for any custom cabinet controls you have.
  7. Correction: RetroArch Mupen64plus-next is the BEST emu for n64. Mupen64plus-next is the most updated version of mupen64plus and adds the Parelli RDP and AngryLion. Plus it has the most updated GlideN64 plugin, supports texture packs and gfx enhancements. It has LLE for true accuracy with Paraelli RDP. m4p is a bit behind compared to the fork (a first for libretro I think). Project64 has a nag screen and despite the "3.0" there was hardly a difference besides change of maintainers between 1.6, 2.0, and now 3.0. That project barely limps along and has been stagnant for almost 2 decades now. I know this is harsh but it's true. Mupen64plus-next is only available in retroarch and it's the defacto emulator, more accuracy than the rest when using Parelli RDP. Performance is great, can't be beat. m64p only if you really can't stand retroarch. I spent a long time comparing the best of the best emulators for Windows gaming PCs, in features, accuracy, and gfx enhancements. I like retroarch, cores are getting better and better, now they have Windows AutoHDR support, all with unified UI and unified features, works great for BigBox. A lot of the cores are best in class over some standalones now in terms of GFX enhancements and accuracy. That main pitfalls are the cores that are based on standalones under heavy dev, those tend to get outdated more often, but they been getting better about it. It does help when the standalone devs assist or even maintain a libretro core. I think the idea of libretro is great and wish more emu devs would join. Instead of everyone implementing their version of the kitchen sink, they can focus on the actual emulation and not need to do all the other stuff like UI and meta-features (cheats, save states, controller configs, etc). libretro cores: mesen: best NES emu + HD texture packs that will make NES looks like SNES, blows you away. kronos: best saturn emu, but doesn't have high compat beetle saturn: next best emu next to kronos mupen64next-plus: only n64 emu you need now. melonds: better than desume for nDS mGBA: best game boy advance sameboy: best gameboy/color bsnes-hd-beta: best snes emu, snex9x: a classic, supports rewind and achievements that bsnes doesn't yet. I prefer bsnes-hd-beta now. flycast: best libretro dreamcast (standalone redream is recommended) citra: only 3ds emu, standalone is recommended right now. Genesis Plus GX (+ wide variant): best sega emu duckstation: best ps1 emu (haven't decided on this or standalone, pretty comparable now, only 1 month behind on commits) --- Standalones: Cemu, Citra-Canary, Xenia, Xemu, RPCS3, Redream, Vita3K, duckstation, pscx2
  8. Use LB if you want HQ High resolution art. Prioritize emumovies only if you rather have lower quality, lower resolution images. Since the whole point of LB is to showcase media, LB is the best choice. 128KB image YUCK, but that's me. Storage space is relatively affordable, just add a new disk or uninstall some games you'll never play again. Emumovies has always focused on the movies, I just use them to get the video snaps and fill any gaps missing from the LBdb,which isn't much.
  9. Update Launchbox, that error makes me suspect yours is outdated. You shouldn't have that login expired message, which means a lot of that queue will fail to download. Cancel the queue. Update LB, try the newest beta, I am running it just fine but make sure you're on the latest as there have been fixes for that error. Try just getting missing media for one platform at a time. The problem is such a large queue is that by the time it processes all the files to prep for download, the login expires, which is shown in your screenshot. That should rarely happen, but can happen with a large queue and enough time passes between querying the apis and downloading the files. There have been fixes to try to prevent the login expiration, but sometimes it's not possible due to the factors involved, so the only for sure way to avoid that is queue up less stuff. As you fill in the media, the "games missing media" can help filter it down further so you aren't downloading stuff you already got. I found great results filtering by media type and just searching by that specific type. Either way about it, lower the amount you are queuing up. You can go to Platforms > select a platform. then go to tools > download media, which will limit it to just one platform. That means less api queries, less processing needing, faster results.
  10. One thing to check is your disk activity. Slow disks, launchbox us stored on network share, etc can cause this process to be slow. SMB shares are extremely slow as a rule. The speed is also dependent on your geolocation how fast your disk can write small images. Hard drives will be slower than a SSD. I can't speak for where the servers are located, but I, but Ido know there are servers in the U.S. So depending on where you are in the world, that might be the issue. Are you using a VPN? Disable it for this process. Are you using a emumovies subscription? Try only checking the boxes for the launchbox database and uncheck all of the emumovies media. Emumovies is a 3rd party service and it is slower (nothing LB can do about that). For the most part, you want to stick to launchboxDB media anyway as I found them to be higher resolution and higher quality than what is available through emumovies. Once you grab everything from launchbox, just use the filters to filter by missing game media and fill in the blanks with emumovies then. FWIW I had a 900K media items to download and it took a day to get it all, that's way more than the 100K you have. Try unchecking the cruft media you won't see or likely use. Ad banners/posters, manuals, backs of the covers and carts, the fanarts, etc. Some of the fanart is useful for filling in some blanks, especially the digital only games, I would try doing 1 platform at a time and check only the media you care about, uncheck all of emumovies for the first pass, and see how that performs for you. It could be as simple as a 5400rpm external hdd you are using. HDDs are notoriously slow writing a bunch of small files. It could also be a ram limitation as more items in the queue needs more ram and if you don't have enough that means slow disk paging. I would first look into the performance of your machine to see if there's a bottleneck as it shoudn't be nearly that slow.
  11. I noticed when editing my wii games, I'll get a popup saying duplicate controller key, I check the controllers tab and in fact each controller is listed twice (Wiimote and Nunchuck). I'm not sure how this happened, maybe b/c of a bug in one the first controller betas. Is there an easy way to fix without manually editing each one? Audit screen doesn't list controllers, I tried bulk edit wizard and clearing the field but that throws the error. What works is editing the game and deleting the dupliate controller entries and saving, however I have many wii games and not all are affected, making fixing them a tedious and laborious process I tried editing the file Data\Platforms\Nintendo Wii.xml, and removed all the <GameControllerSupport> elements. Started Launchbox, now games have no controllers listed, good. Then I refresh and replace metadata fields. Then I checked a wii game and the controllers are re-added twice. Seems like it's either a bug or an issue with the daata in the database, but the webui hasn't been updated to support controllers so I can't check.
  12. You might want to look into converting the bin/cue files into chd files. It's a better format that is compressed and playable (meaning no need to decompress or extract first). The LB import tool when you choose a folder will add every file it finds in that folder. Most retro systems is 1 game = 1 file. So that works great for those, but it doesn't work great when it's multple files per game or game per folder. In that case, add files and filtering based on extension like what he said is the way to go.
  13. I went into missing game media in LB, refreshed when prompted. Filter by media type, like Front Cart. Ctrl-A on all games missing front carts (666). I went to tools, download media and metadata. Unchecked all the boxes for LBdb except Cart -Front, same for Emumovies. Chose not to replace existing media (recommended). Let LB do it's thing, it's only getting the metadata. Nothing downloads or gets queued for emu movies. The thing is, I know emumovies has the front cart images because edit game > media > download, shows emu movies has that image and more. Through the edit game screen, it will find and download images the bulk media downloader seemingly can't. The other thing I noticed is that emumovies query for just 1 game is taking about 30s or more, might be a timeout problem on the bulk downloader? This is true for other missing media types. Stuff is found and can download through edit game, but through missing media + tools download media it basically acts like the images don't exist on emumovies and nothing is downloaded. So far all these games have in common are media not found on the LBdb but exists in emumovies. I have a lifetime with emumovies. I'm thinking emu movies api times out or isn't providing the data it should in bulk cases, or it's an issue with LB. I'm using the latest beta, but I don't think it's a beta issue.
  14. I have one of these Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller and in big box when the controller is connected, the wheel starts to vertically scroll down infinitely. Pressing up on the DPad barely stops it. Makes big box unusable with the controller on. If anyone has this controller, you can connect it to your pc via bluetooth. Controller works fine in retroarch. Not sure why it's constantly scrolling in big box. Doesn't matter if I connect another controller (xbox), big box will scroll constantly with the SNES controller connected.
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