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  1. Yep, that's me. EmuCon is now discontinued though. I'm only focusing in Emu Loader now. I hope it's ok me replying posts here to help fellow emu gamers.
  2. To run a Watara SuperVision, you need the gamename.zip file for the game and, of course, a MAME machine set. There a 5 machine sets to choose from. mame.exe svision -cart1 gamename svision is the machine name. -cart1 is safer than just "-cart", and it works for all machines, even if there is only one cartridge slot. If you open mamedir\hash\svision.xml, look for a supported="no" entry. All games with this tag are not yet supported by MAME, even if listed in the .xml file. Same rules apply to game.com (hash\gamecom.xml).
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