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  1. Yes ! It works. The images can be assigned and the alternative is also sought. Perfekt. Please have a last look of the scaling. You often only see a section of the image, for example the 3D boxes are cut off at the top and bottom. Maybe you can already show the picture in BB while you start browsing through the game titles. I know: Ideas, ideas, ideas... 🙂 But that can take a while, the biggest thing is done. Thank you.
  2. Wow, seems great !!! You are blessed 🙂 Today it's family day. I'll test tomorrow and give feedback. Thank you very much.
  3. The largest number of images does not fit in the monitor (1920x1080) . Is it possible to autofit maximal for fullscreen? Currently you can only see a picture with cut edges. If the Image would be shown smaller, this would be ok, too. But too big, that looks terrible.
  4. A custom for platformbanner would be great and I would be really grateful. A version with changeable will certainly be in demand soon, since the solutions for 3 monitors are rare and complicated an more and more user have a cabinet with more than 2 Monitors. Do you know a other solution for 3 monitors?
  5. Is 3 Monitor support now available? I have a 2 monitor-setup with 2x 1920x1080. The second play actually marquees. Next week i get a ultrawide marquee monitor with 1920x360. It should then show the marquees. On the second I want to show boxes, gamplay-Images or other stuff. Now it is not possible to do this in a easy way (or I haven't found a solution,yet). I testet with hypermarquee, but the program is very unstable and crashes in my windows 10 system. Do you have any ideas ?
  6. Banner actually is best alternativ choice, I think. there I have most images. But it would be best if I can set the folder from which the images are to be displayed in a manually step. Is a setting in a ini-file possible? so I can change it if it is usefull
  7. is it possible, to specifiy other image-folders, where to seek images to display? So we can use the plugin to bring other content except controls-images to a third monitor. Best way could be, when user can choose one gamefolder and one platformfolder. Is this possible? perhaps with a ini.file?
  8. Hello, now it runs. .-9 You have to extract the files in the zip-archive to the folder \DeviceControls under the plugins-folder, NOT directly in the plugins-folder
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