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  1. SentaiBrad said Is it 1 DosBox.conf file or several, 1 per game? If it's per game you can tell LaunchBox to use a custom.conf file if you want if that's what you're asking. I don't use Meagre so maybe I am missing something. If Meagre wants to read the conf files but once it's in LaunchBox it doesn't matter I don't see why the change matters. If you could explain a bit more I would appreciate it. I just figured it out after messing around with it some more. Importing the games works great, but to change anything in DOSBox, you must edit the game and enable DOSBox for the game, select the conf file to make edits, save and disable DOSBox use. It points to a bat file, which does the initial setup for the game, which in turn points to the game and another DOSBox setup. Basically, all I need to do is turn off and on DOSBox for every game I want to set up and alter DOSBox settings for eXoDOS. The same applies for Win3xo. It's a bit nontraditional for regular LaunchBox use, but it works. You can safely ignore my cries for help at this point!
  2. M-6502 said FistyDollars said M-6502 said and a BIG thanks to Donarumo for adding the "export to LaunchBox" feature. Wait, you can DO that? I have the eXoDOS collection and I didn't notice he'd updated Meagre...ugh, I've been manually adding games this whole time... Oh dude, I feel your pain. I would have done the same thing but I noticed the discussion in the LB forums. Very cool when devs work together on stuff like this. FYI eXo's Win3xo collection can be imported into Meagre and you can export the entire collection! A small complaint I have about the Meagre --> LaunchBox feature is it wants to read the DOSBox.conf files from the original location, which invalidates the LaunchBox DOSBox editor and bypasses the default settings you set within LaunchBox. Does anyone know if there's an easy way to fix that?
  3. Does anyone know how to get Mednafen to play well with Launchbox?
  4. Jason Carr said Keenan, good find, but I can't reproduce it. Can you screenshot or copy paste me the error text? It's just a generic "Stopped Responding" error message. No error log as far as I can see. For the right-click issue, staying in the main game list window and waiting five seconds doesn't make it crash. My XML file is 2.5MB, so maybe it's taking a bit of a time to load that information. If I right click anything before five seconds have passed, it crashes.
  5. I right-clicked multiple games within the frame of three seconds and it crashes every time. If I open the program, then click on an item in the sidebar (like platform) then try right-clicking multiple items, it doesn't crash.
  6. I have a similar issue with the PCSXr emulator. It just launches the program without loading the game. Would you happen to know any launch commands for it?
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