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  1. At some point I guess I decided to put the console banner and clear logo in with the game folder for some reason, and then point everything towards said folder. I had gone ahead and pointed the couple consoles I did it with back towards the console folder just glad to know it was me being dumb one night and not something else lol. -Thanks.
  2. So I somehow ended up with platform images going into two separate locations. Example A: \LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\SNK Neo Geo AES\Clear Logo Example B: \LaunchBox\Images\SNK Neo Geo AES\Clear Logo It seems to be causing a bit of an issue with plugging and playing different image sets into Big Box Mode themes. I am just going to set them all the same, and curious which way it was originally? Consoles in their own folder or in the folder with their respective game images?
  3. I just went ahead and used UltraISO to make the cue/bin. I forgot that you could select all to convert at once,. Just got done adding to my box. It is so nice being able to use Retroarch for Saturn, zero issues FTW Thanks for everyone's feedback today.
  4. I work in a computer repair/sale shop and my competition down the street sells Firesticks with Exodus and ever other add on he can find and does not see how its a problem. Drives me crazy
  5. I just switched from individual emulators recently to RA for everything, and wanted to kick myself for not doing it sooner. The Plug and Play ability of it, and getting it to hook up with Launchbox just makes everything so much better.
  6. Ya I think cause I zipped up the Saturn Roms and Emulator a few years ago that when I decided to maybe add it I just went straight to using what I had without thinking.
  7. You raise a good point. I user Retroarch for everything else, and have seen the guide video, no idea why I am using the old emulator like I am back in the Stone Age of 2005.
  8. So my Bigbox goes from Atari 2600 to basically Nintendo 64 besides a few stragglers everything is there with shiny box art,complete collection etc... However I have not added Saturn. Now it is kind of bugging me that its not there lol. Just not sure I want to take the time to make 40+ cue files to get it going. I like that my BigBox is portable and on an External SSD so I can carry it around like its a frigging pack of chewing gum. Seems like besides making the cue files, there is no getting around needing at the very least a portable virtual cd mount program right? So is it worth it? Is there more than say 5 must play games? I need the Sega Fans that had rich parents to give me the details here
  9. Cool thanks for the quick advice!!!! You all get 50,000 Points In Double Dragon
  10. I put my Launchbox together over a long period of time, and when adding systems I would generally go with what emulator I preferred. However since then I have used Retroarch a bit more (Pi builds with friends ). Now that I have Bigbox and adding the final tweaks to my build I am wondering if I should switch to retroarch for my back end emulators? I do want to add a few more consoles and one of my favorite things is the fact that I have my BigBox on an external HDD and can play it any were with a PC. What do you think? Is it worth taking the time and switching the emulators out for Retroarch? Thanks in advance
  11. Okay ya apprently I was an idiot yesterday when I changed the emulator from retroarch I just changed the path instead of adding it for some reason so it was looking for the cores. Ya just deleting it and adding it from scratch fixed the problem. Thanks for all the advice. Always helps to talk out a problem even if said problem is missing the obvious.
  12. Ya its pointing to the exe. I will set it up from scratch tommorow, I'll download a fresh launchbox installer and try a test install to see if it boots right up.
  13. Does anyone have a quick guide on setting up Desmume for Nintendo DS Roms without Retroarch. It plays the games fine for me but for some reason I cannot get it to work with LaunchBox on its own. Any help is really appreciated..
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