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  1. I'm using retroarch on windows with an xbox one controller and wireless dongle. The controller is recognized and works fine for most systems, but others need the controller device specified manually, or no inputs are recognized. For example, sega saturn (beetle saturn) requires that the controller device be set to "control pad", and wii (dolphin) requires "wiimote + classic gamepad". In retroarch itself, the device is set to "retropad", which works for most cores but not a few picky ones. If I pull up the retroarch menu and choose the correct device, it works fine fine - but it doesn't save that setting and needs to be manually changed from the retroarch menus every time a game from that platform is launched. What I need it a way to specify "for all wii games, set the controller device to wiimote + classic gamepad". You would think this would be in dolphin-emu.opt in the config directory, but it isn't. Where can I add this configuration?
  2. I have two 8bitdo controllers - an SN30 pro and an Sn30 pro+. My goal is to use the pro+ as the player 1 controller, and the pro as player 2. But some emulators (mame especially) has a hell of a time keeping track of which controller is which. Which one is "controller 1" and which is "controller 2" seems somewhat arbitrary. I've tried pairing one as an xinput controller and the other as a switch controller, but not all emulators can differentiate between the two. Windows knows that they're two different controllers, but mame and retroarch get them mixed up depending on which one I turn on first, and sometimes even if one goes to sleep. I'm really hoping there's some "intermediary" software that can recognize a specific BT controller and make sure it's always assigned to "one" or "two". Does anything like that exist? If not, is there another option for ensuring that the pro+ is always "controller 1" to all emulators, regardless of when it's turned on or goes to sleep?
  3. Honestly, this is the only "gamechanger" feature on the list. I voted for a few other things it would be nice to have as well, but actually being able to use the home button on my controllers instead of a button combo to bring up menus would be HUGE. So glad it's a frontrunner.
  4. It's killing me that I can't have a standardized menu/quit button across emulators. I can use a button combo for some, but others don't allow mapping of combos. My 8bitdo controllers have two extra buttons which would be perfect, but they just sit there, unwilling to bind in xinput mode. I realize that, in their infinite wisdom, MS did not envision anybody ever needing more buttons than they include on their 360 controller, and therefore xinput doesn't support additional buttons. Is there any way to work around this? Maybe an alternate xinput driver or something? I know the xbox elite controller has four additional paddles that can be mapped, but only by certain programs. Is there a way to trick windows into thinking the 8bitdo is an elite controller and that the star and home buttons are two of the paddles?
  5. I found a program called "AnyBurn" which does it. It doesn't have a command line interface for automating, but I only had a handful that needed converting, so I did them manually.
  6. Does anybody have a free utility that will convert ISO to bin/cue? chdman only works with bin/cue, and I've got a bunch of "miscellaneous" images that I can get to ISO, but not bin/cue.
  7. It's not pretty, and it uses AnyToISO which isn't free, but here you go: for %%x in ("*.7z") do ( 7z e "%%x" for %%z in ("*.bin") do ( start /B /W anytoiso\anytoiso.exe /convert "%%z" "%%~nz.iso" ) for %%i in ("*.iso") do ( start /B /W maxcso "%%i" -o "%%~nx.cso" del *.iso del *.bin ) )
  8. If your whole set is ISOs, sure. Mine is 7zipped, and the images in the archives are not all ISOs. That's why I had to crate the multi-step batch script to handle everything. To be clear, I'm not sitting here manually converting everything. I created the script to extract, convert BINs to ISOs when necessary, and then convert ISOs to CSOs. I set it up and now it's running on its own. I don't have to "do" anything, but it's still going to take a long time before it's done. Extracting each image takes 1-5 minutes, and converting each ISO to CSO takes 2-15 minutes, and I have ~1800 discs to convert. Overall, it takes a long time.
  9. Converting one file doesn't take that long. Converting ~1800 files from 7z to bin to iso to cso takes a while.
  10. I'm using AnyToISO to convert from bin to ISO. It's pretty speedy - the CSO conversion is what's taking forever.
  11. Thanks for the info. WBFS is just the wii file system, not a compression method as far as I understand things. Based on the CHD for PS2 recommendation, I'm scrapping my GZ plans and going with CSO instead. The set I acquired has each disc 7zipped, and it's about a 70/30 split for ISOs and BINs. Sadly, maxcso doesn't like BIN files, so it got a bit complicated. I worked up a batch file that will extract the image (which ends up as a SLUS-xxxx file), convert to ISO if it isn't already, convert to CSO with the original archive name, then delete the intermediate disc image(s). I've got my dual xeon server chewing through a couple instances, and another instance running on my desktop. 40 cores working their asses off, and it still looks like it won't be done until sometime this weekend.
  12. Full sets take up a lot of space. I have that space, but that doesn't mean I want to use any more than I have to. Additionally, importing folders full of bin/cue/wav/etc for certain disc rips is messy. In a perfect world, every game would be compressed and stored in a single file. It seems most systems have at least one option, but with so many emulators and so many compression formats, it's been tricky figuring out what that option is. So far I've determined the following system - emulator - compression combos: PSP - PPSSPP - CSO Playstation 1 - Beetle PSX - CHD Playstation 2 - PCSX2 - GZ Gamecube/Wii - Dolphin - GCZ Dreamcast - DEmul - CHD Are these the best combos for these systems? What about other disc-based systems - Amiga CD32, Sega CD, etc? Thanks.
  13. I'm not overly concerned with loading screens, fading, or bezels. They'd be nice to have, but not if they'll significantly impact performance or delay implementation of the more useful features. Pause screen features, however, would be a huge improvement. In my ideal setup, the pause screen would display the controller mapping, have a button to bring up the game manual, state save/load buttons, and reset/quit buttons. It doesn't need to be particularly fancy. Just having a unified pause menu across all emulators would go a long way to perfecting the bigbox experience. EDIT: I just thought of another nice feature the pause menu could have - an "emulator options" button. Hitting that button would send the hotkey command to bring up that emulator's settings/config menu. That would effectively eliminate the need for a keyboard completely, once your system is set up.
  14. This looks fantastic and is exactly what I've been looking for. Can't wait for the official release!
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