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  1. On 5/19/2021 at 6:42 AM, ItchyRobot said:

    I want it just for Astrosmash 😃
    Perfect system for a young family, looking for alternatives from the more 'adult' systems.

    The Amico version of Astrosmash looks pretty good.  😀

    I would agree that it appears to be a great alternative to the 'adult' systems.  Probably won't see many Zombies, nightmarish monsters, or be shooting other people.  😄

  2. On 5/18/2021 at 10:00 PM, MisterGray said:

    quite an interesting thing

    I thought so, too.  My first console was an Intellivision (I still have my Intellivision II, along with many games), so the Amico has a nostalgic appeal to me.  🙂

    Not to long ago I hooked it up to my more modern television (much larger than the one I had in the 80's) and the pixels seemed to be the size of Cheez-Its.  😄

    Obviously, the resolution on the Amico would be far superior.

  3. Excerpt: Piepacker is a new multiplayer gaming platform to play retro games with friends on your web browser.  It comes with a constantly growing pre-built catalogue of more than 60 awesome 🕹️ retro games from the NES to the PlayStation 1. To make the online living room experience complete, we included a video chat to see and talk to the people you are playing with 🤯.

    Click here for more info.

  4. That's good to know.  Thanks, Lou.

    The only difference is the one from the PCWorld Software Store is not an OEM version (as the one from scdkeys is), it's a retail version.

    Which means (I think), for the OEM version:

    1) You won't be able to change your motherboard.

    2) It can't be used for an upgrade (e.g. upgrading from Win 8.1 to 10).

    3) Microsoft tech support is not offered for OEM Windows.

    But, if those things aren't an issue for you, the scdkeys OEM version seems to be a great deal.

  5. You're right, Neil9000, the Xbox looks better on paper, but as Headrush69 mentioned, one would probably stick with the hardware that can play their older games.

    But the "high-techness" of either one is pretty awesome.  A while back I hooked-up my Intellivision to my 'modern' TV, and 2 pixels were about the size of a domino. 😀

    The first Video Game I played was Lunar Lander (I think that's what it was called) on a VAX/VMS system.  Just thin green lines.  But at the time, it was sooo cool!

    I've seen many different images of the PS5, but this one looks the wildest, IMHO.  Anyone know what it's really gonna look like?

    Sony PS5 - Front.jpg

    Sony PS5 - Rear.jpg

  6. The Sony Playstation 5 is due out roughly in November (2020) for about $500 (both subject to change).

    It sounds bad-ass!

    The PS5 will have an AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores @ 3.5GHz, 16Gb of GDDR6 memory, a custom RDNA 2 AMD GPU that puts out 10.28 Tflops of processing power, and an 825Gb SSD.

    Click here to learn a little more and/or sign-up to be notified by Sony of updates.

    PS5 SSD Speed.jpg

  7. Is it possible to have GOG Demos in their own section?  When I look at the GOG Platform, it naturally shows all GOG games, including Demos.

    I'd like to have the Demos in their own section, but it seems I'd have to create a separate Platform for that.  But when I do that, the Folder they wanna be in is GOG\Demos.

    If I created that Folder and moved all the Demos there, it seems as if it would cause all of them to be missing from the GOG App (D:\Gaming\GOG\Games\...) on my PC.

  8. Now that you mention it...  LOL!  It seems many customized PC's are going the way of the rainbow, which works for me, 'cause I'm more of a primary color guy than an earth-tone one.

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