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  1. On 11/8/2016 at 7:33 PM, MesonW said:

    I still own over 2000 physical console game originals, but they're all in storage and being enjoyed by nobody. I once dreamed of those wall-to-wall setups, but lack of space and the (welcome) additions to family meant it never came to anything.

    Now I am sort of glad I never had it all set up like that. I've gone digital and have enjoyed browsing my LaunchBox library way more than I ever managed with my real library. For that I am very grateful to you guys Jason and Brad.

    Now if I could only stop my new addiction of buying digital PC Games!

    Over 2K?  Wow!  What are you going to do with them?  Could be one of those crazy sales on eBay.  :)  Some members of this Forum might be interested in a few of them.  ;)

    To me, one of the things about a 'collection', is having it on display, and to be admired, or even cherished to some extent, perhaps.  Therefore, I can certainly appreciate your dream of  the wall-to-wall setup.  But, you're in the Digital Age now, so your choice of LaunchBox was great, IMHO.

    LaunchBox/BigBox is suprelative (whoa, I haven't used that word for a long time :D) for a digital (aka, non-tactile) collection, in terms of being able to 'display' it, among many other attributes.

    Good luck on the addiction.  I suspect many Forum members are similar addicts.  ;)


  2. In the spirit of miscellaneousness, check this out.

    Can you believe how close this asshole parked to my car (mine's on the right)?  I had to leave before they returned, so I never got to confront them.  Argh!

    If there hadn't been security cameras at the school across the street, I probably would've totaled that car with a hammer!  :ph34r:

    Parking Moron 2.JPG

  3. Thanks, DOS.  Suprisingly, it all went fairly well - the dreaded cast has been removed, so I can drive and take showers again, etc.  :D

    P.S.  I'm having Video Card issues.  Where do you think would be the best place/Forum/Topic for me to post a plea for help?

  4. I finally got around to watching Captain America: Civil War.  I liked it.  I pretty much like all the Marvel flicks.

    Anyone planning on going to see Assassin's Creed next week?

    I might watch Warcraft or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tonight, but as DOS76, I've been doing more 'series' binge-watching, as well.

    Might be a long night as I gotta start prepin' for a colonoscopy tomorrow.  :/  Most of ya are probably way too young to be needing colonoscopies, but the 'prep' is 'crappy'.  I wish I woulda remembered to get some Depends.  :P

    I'm supposed to get my cast off tomorrow, too.  :D

  5. For you purveyors of Peta-Bytes, this may interest you, although it's clearly aimed at businesses that need to migrate insane amounts of data.

    AWS Snowball (an Amazon Web Service).  It’s long been known that the fastest data transfer rate can be physical media delivered by courier. Amazon has taken this to an extreme, by announcing Snowmobile, an 18-wheeler semi-trailer truck that will carry 100 petabytes (100PB) in a shipping container from the customer premises for upload to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, with a crap-load of Snowballs in the back of the truck.

    AWS Snowball.jpg

    AWS Truck.jpg

  6. Well, if you haven't, it's bad-ass, non-volatile memory technology.

    Up to 1000x faster and more durable than NAND, and 10x the density of DRAM.  Check out the demo of Rob Crooke (Senior VP and GM of Intel's Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group) transferring a file at nearly 2GB/s! using 3D XPoint-based Optane SSDs.  2GB/second?!?!  Nice!

    If you've read any of my stuff in the past, you'll know I love hardware advancements.  I suspect this one (2GB/s transfer speeds) might give our prestigious contributor, DOS76, a Nerdgasm, as he would phrase it.  xD

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