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  1. The Game Series feature sounds interesting, but while waiting for the Beta release, I tried the 'Additional Apps' solution. I can't get that to work, though, because (I think) Sam & Max: Season 1 doesn't really point to anything. Comment for S&M 1.jpg: Season 1 doesn’t have its ‘own’ executable. Comment for S&M 3.jpg: I can’t really do anything with two check boxes at the bottom, because I’m not running a ‘Main Application’, as there isn’t one. Season 1 doesn’t have its own program, as it’s just a shell (for lack of a better term), in appearance only, I guess, for the actual six episode executables. So, is there a way I can get this to work as I'd like, or is it 'not doable' at this time? P.S. S&M.jpg? LOL, 'cause in this case, it stands for Sam & Max, not what may come to mind initially. Wink
  2. Is there a way to have 'sub-games' under a 'main game'? Case in point: "Sam & Max: Season 1" The actual 'season' is comprised of 6 episodes (6 separate games). Season 1 doesn't have is own game launcher for the 6 separate episodes; you have to launch each episode individually. Is there a way in LaunchBox I could just have one icon for Season 1, and when clicking on that, it'd open another window that contained the 6 icons for the individual episodes? Granted, this scenario isn't common, so it may not be worth the effort to incorporate it into LaunchBox, but I'd consider it a cool feature. Smile
  3. Reply to Brad: In the top-level directory I have 2 xml files - LaunchBox and License (I have Premium). In the Metadata sub-directory, I have one large one. In the Backup sub-directory, I have 25 files with names like this: LaunchBox.xml.backup-635628852809969171 So you're saying I only need the LaunchBox.xml and License.xml files (or I can back-up the entire LaunchBox directory)? Reply to Jason: Well, since I have a semi-insane amount of disc space on my system (14Tb), backing-up the entire LaunchBox directory wouldn't be an issue. Smile Perhaps I'll just Back-Up the whole thing (it's about 330Mb at this point), although just Backing-Up those 2 xml files is a space-saver. What do you recommend between these 2 choices?
  4. Most of my games show artwork from the game itself in the background when they're selected. However, some of them (such as Antichamber, Sid Meyer's Civilization: Beyond Earth, Grim Fandango Remastered, and Tropico 5, to name a few) show random artwork in the background, from my own 'desktop backgrounds', instead of artwork from the game itself. What's up with that? Any assistance in how to get the 'games in question' to show their own artwork in the background when selected would be appreciated. Thanks.
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