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  1. When i try to scrape a game, i'm told to download a metadata package, when i do i get this error --------------------------- Unable to download the updated metadata: Unable to connect to the remote server --------------------------- While trying to connect to the Games DB gives me the following --------------------------- Could not connect to the LaunchBox Games Database. Do you have an active Internet connection? Is it being blocked by a firewall? ---------------------------
  2. Well this sucks, if you guys want a possible alternative i often use zamunda.net, though i still prefer kickass
  3. the real issue with the xbox is the video card it used , it had a custom nvidia card , that was between generations , it had all of the features of the generation of cards that existed then , and 2/3 features from the next generation , but not all of the features from the next generation also while xbox games run on x86 , they dont use exe files , ive looked in them and they dont have exe's they have xbe files , plus it's directX version from what i remember was also a mix of versions like with the nvidia card
  4. I just realized i wrote scrap ORIGIN icons when i meant to write GOG , how stupid can i be
  5. SentaiBrad said Xbox runs off a modified x86 architecture. It's all a matter how who wants to do it, what the hardware was like and how hard it is to reverse engineer. Just because it runs off the same architecture (or similiar) as modern computers doesnt mean it'll be easy to emulator , since the x86 architecture has many instruction sets and many versions of each of those instruction sets , and they are large instructions sets , and unlike many older consoles , the ones from the last few generations have their own operating systems , meaning their bios and anything else their operating system has (like how sony consoles have those prx files) need to be reverse engineered and while it might be possible to make something similiar to wine in order to run them (the reason WINE is so advanced is because of how long windows has existed , and the amount of documentation on it (even if they have many undocumented api's)) it would as much if not more difficult than creating an emulator
  6. tony971 said If it helps, all of the folder names end with ".sfc" Thats only when you use higan for Super Famicom (SNES) games , higan also supports gameboy(Color/Advance) and NES , and the name of the folder depends on the name of the rom
  7. @SentaiBrad http://www.emunewz.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=195 , there is actually a ps3 emulator , its in its infancy and can currently only run 3 games at acceptable frame rate (if you have a beast of a machine) , and users of the emulator are constantly testing different games , and giving the developers the log files so that they know how to make it work And thers also a 3ds emulator that can only play around 4 games decently (if you have a beast of a machine) , and like with the ps3 one , people are constantly trying to help make the emulator better http://citra-emu.org/
  8. 1. A way to scrape PSP/PS3 Icons 2. A way to scrape origin Icons 3. Moving the Dosbox and ScummVM folders to a folders within Launchbox's folder called Emulators 4. Linux port (a way to create the Ultimate SteamOS)
  9. http://www.zophar.net/ I'ts on the front page right now. They're linking to here.
  10. @Jason , it depends on the homebrew , some people release their homebrew games open source , some with a gnu license , some with all right reserved , like with all other software it depends
  11. thanks @Jason , question , could i get editing permission so i can edit the first post whenever i update the pack Also a question , do you think i should include homebrew games (for consoles) , and open source games (for pc) ?
  12. This is a collection of games (and any emulators they need) , which are available free of charge with a license that allows for non-commercial redistribution. This is made to be put in your Launchbox folder after you install it. Included games: Included emulators: Download Link: https://userscloud.com/jd91enb5cmm7
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