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  1. CPS2 ROM copier

    In the newer versions of MAME there has been a change to these files adding a .key file that is needed to run on the latest versions this also keeps them from working properly with the FBA core in RA also. I didn't have the latest version separate with my CPS2 stuff so here is a .bat to extract them from the latest MAME source you can use them to overwrite your old files and everything will work with the latest emulators.


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  2. SegaModel3 Rom Extractor

    This is a .bat file that will copy all of the needed ROMs from your MAME folder. To use just place the .bat in your MAME ROMs folder and run the program can't be done from a network location has to be done on the actual computer where the directory is located. A few games won't copy as the names have changed and SuperModel doesn't play the new ROMs that aren't named correctly and renaming them to the correct name doesn't make a difference either. They are mostly deluxe versions of games and Scud Racing Plus. Their or is a version of the games in working order . VF3 wouldn't launch with the ROM from the 178 version of MAME so I went back to the one I had originally everything else is working with the newer MAME ROMs I was using r488 of SuperModel but that was crashing all of the Virtua Fighter games after updating to r495 from emu.cr those games are no longer crashing. Hope this makes it easier to either get your Model 3 games imported or at least to update your ROMs to the latest version.


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  3. Demul ROM extractor pack for MAME ROMs

    Ok this was totally motivated by the fact that a lot of my Naomi ROMs no longer work in Demul due to needing newer ROMs so inspired by the  All Killer No Filler .bat and .txt files that @lordmonkusposted I don't recall the original person who did the work but he gets credit for this also. I simply looked at the NoFiller .txt file and saw what was going on and basically did the same thing for all of the Naomi, NaomiGD, Naomi2, Naomi2GD, Hikaru, Gaelco and Sammy Atomiswave games. I hope people find it useful. I'm also thinking about making one of these for Sega Model 3 which I believe uses MAME ROMs.


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