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  1. @kerszr I lover your work and I am using it thank you! I am still in need of some background platform fanart, I love the ones that come with this theme, but it's missing the ones I listed above.
  2. Do you have templates for the background Fanart? I could and help make some of these. I still need the following background fanart imagine. Amiga CD32 Atari ST Casio Loppy Colecovision Commodore 64 Commodore Plus 4 Commodore VIC-20 Emerson Arcadia 2001 Magnavox Odyssey 2 Microsoft Xbox Microsoft Xbox 360 NeoGeo Sony Playstation 3 VTech CreatiVision
  3. Thanks for the NEC PC-FX platform fan art image. Anyone have a commodore 64 one?
  4. I am having trouble figuring out how to change or set the background display when viewing games. I am currently seeing a stretched out something, but when I come across a game that doesn't have art it displays a view of the platform background which I want and prefer. What setting or view do I need to change for all the games to have the platform artwork background for all games when I scroll though them.
  5. Love it! Do you have a link for the videos? What theme did you use?
  6. I love the background or fanart pictures! Any plans to produce other console imagines?
  7. Oh ok, I'm sorry I was not understanding that. That's something I can fix when I get a second, sorry.
  8. Good morning, Sorry you are having issues with the plug in, as I mentioned before it's hard for me to pinpoint your trouble as I am unable to reproduce the same issues. I have 3 different setups in my house used daily with different OS's and versions of Kodi. Bigbox launches perfectly while Kodi minimizes, and appears back to full screen when closing Bigbox.
  9. Hello, Sorry its been a little bit since I've been back on here, just been very busy. I never had the problem of Kodi not coming back up. In the settings of the BigBox app in Kodi choose "NO" when it ask if you want to quit. I recently installed Windows 10, and I am running the daily Alpha of Kodi v17.0 “Krypton” and the add-on still works great and I have no troubles when I close out of BigBox Kodi is ready and waiting on screen. I am also using a modified Estuary skin. Estuary is Kodi's new and improved skin, and Guilouz has modded the skin to allow for customization such as Home Menu buttons. I have added "Games" to the main menu and then set it to launch BigBox. Below is a link to the Modified Kodi Skin that I am currently using. http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=267343 Jeremy
  10. Hello @drfrag, Jason is correct, the add-on will not work for XBMC 13. I was like you with my system all set up how I liked it. But took the leap into the Kodi 15, after a while you get use to setting everything back how you had it and it becomes second nature.
  11. Hello guys, I have heard earlier about this issue from someone else, unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this issue on my setup. My Kodi runs full screen, not windowed, and I have not once had this issue, as I mentioned I understand it is happening as this isn't the first time I heard it, but without it happeing right in front of me, and without an error report in the Kodi log (which this situation wouldn't produce one) its taking me a minute to fix. I did find one small line I thought could have been causing it and fixed the line in the last release 1.3, are you using the newest version? Have you tried uninstalling Kodi and reinstalling it? Are you using Windows 10, the last time this issue was reported to us the user was running Windows 10. Syriacn
  12. Sorry I missed this thread, I believe this has been fixed. Please let us know of any other issues. Thanks Syriacn
  13. Sorry for the delay in these fixes. Big Box-Launcher 1.3 Fixes: · Autohotkey icon has been changed to Big Box icon. · The SteamLauncher-AHK autohotkey has been renamed to BigBoxLauncher-AHK. · Big Box-launcher is now compatible with the Steam-launcher, they run perfectly side by side. · Fix a small bug that might have prevented Kodi from coming back up after closing Big Box. · Cleaned up some unnecessary script lines. Enjoy!
  14. MultipleX, Thanks for the information, it will be fixed in the next revision.
  15. I have my Kodi set as full screen also, hmm I haven't came across this yet. I'll see if I can reproduces your issue. I do not have windows 10 yet.
  16. Jason, Jeremy is fine. But to answer your question Syriac an. DOS76, Yes Kodi still store metadata in the folders, and I sure it possible to launch Plex from Kodi, but if you like Plex why install Kodi just to launch Plex. I'm not familiar with Plex. Might just want to look into launching BigBox from Plex. Syriacn
  17. Everyone, please let me know if you find any issues, I'll fix them asap. I have tested this on 7 different versions of Kodi and 3 different OS's. Jason, thank you, and I was thinking along the same lines you were about a video. I was going to make a nice one but works got me pretty busy. I think a video would go much better with the launch. Then we/I can post it over on the Kodi forums, they will love BigBox! I don't mind my name being mentioned. Syriacn
  18. MultipleX, Sorry for the late response, I've been very busy. I tried numerous times to replicate your issue and unfortunately was not successful. Try uninstall BigBox launcher, restart the computer and then reinstall it while leaving steam-launcher uninstall. Let me know if that works at all, if not I will figure this out for you. You can also look under the BigBox launcher settings. One of the first settings is "Quit Kodi?" I haven't had trouble with it on yes or no, but you could try switching that to no. Syriacn
  19. Ok Funkymoose, Sorry for the slight delay. I was having trouble replicating your issue. I had to uninstall Kodi and remove all traces and folders left before I figured it out, my previous steam.launcher.script was allowing it to work for me. I wrote it as an installer this time. Now this will work right from a clean install. This also allows it to properly uninstall. Download this file. Open Kodi and go to "System". Click on "Add-ons" Click on "Install from zip file" Find the "script.BigBox.launcher.zip" file you downloaded from the link above. Done Enjoy https://youtu.be/8IOlwRx0VJQ Everything should work, otherwise let me now. Syriacn
  20. That is something I using a custom Kodi skin. There are many out there. The one I'm currently using is a modified stock skin (Confluence) look, (link below) that allows you to add tabs on the main menu and name them what you want. http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=212898 Syriacn
  21. Nope, just like the video. When I get home all uninstall and reinstall Kodi, then try it fresh myself.
  22. Dumb question and I'm sure you did, but you did unzip/unrar it correct?
  23. Funkymoose, sorry to hear that, lets see if we can get this working for you. Did you download my modified script above? Did you copy it over to your addon folder within Kodi? When you open Kodi, under programs do you see the Launchbox icon? Did you right click on the Launcbox icon within Kodi and select your Launchbox path? Do you have the steam launcher also installed? (if so delete it, and play steam through launchbox). Let me know Syriacn
  24. You are all very welcome, I am a huge fan of both Kodi and Launchbox, so it was a no brainer for me. I'm working on a couple other small projects and will post them soon apon completion. Let me know if there is any issues with the Kodi Launchbox launcher. Syriacn
  25. Sure Jason, UPDATED See second page for updated download link and guide.
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