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  1. dunno i must be a special snowflake .. i point the system to tho cover photos in my hyperspin folder that already exists and nothing happens ... nothing shows ... same with my folders i use for fan art and backgrounds and so on and so forth ... If it wasnt an issue that i havent myself tried to work through and solve ... i wouldnt have posted it as one . I set the folders pointed to the ones i use for every other front end i own and Launchbox acts like its seeing nothing ...UNTIL i change a file to have the -01 in the file name ... thanks for your help though its been super informative
  2. im sorry i could have SWORN i typed Batman The Movie-01 above as an example but oh well ive never been one to soap box semantics Anyway it seems Jason knew pretty directly what i was referring to because as i stated and still holds true ... if files are named with anything after the game name itself as in Batman (USA).jpg launchbox does not seem to find them , as most other front ends have come together on a sort of universally accepted naming structure (i belive good name is the standard most widely used now? Dont quote me i could be wrong) this creates a huge issue with those of us running multiple front ends because having to have a special set of images special named to how launch box likes them is a pain and going in to set each game with the direct file ... right click .. edit ... add picture erc etc etc can be pretty cumbersome for thousands of games . This is why my original suggestion was to add a variable after the game name to resolve the issue pretty sure itll get sorted though ill just keep trying those betas jason puts forth
  3. So frustrated with trying to get scummvm integrated in my launchbox I have 221 games i run through another Front End that starts with an H and setting those up was a breeze but launchbox keeps letting me down! i scan my folders to import as roms and get 0 i import them as dos games and only get 79 games What can i do ?? Like i said they all work in H and also work when launched from rocketlauncher but i cant even get the darn things to populate in launchbox
  4. id bet if i was from UK i would have said English UK .... just an unfiltered thought there . It just seems like a more likely thing for someone from the UK to do . MOVING ON English ... US
  5. Using latest beta ... voice recognition turned on ... reboot of Launchbox successful but it took a loooong time ... booted into launchbox now ... i dont see any choose your device button @Jason Carr also it hears nothing i say . Im using the mic included in Logitech's HD PRO C90 webcam . Everything recognizes my speech besides Launchbox . Hope this helps!
  6. wait till you see what i got in there now lol
  7. @lordmonkus neither of our ways is the wrong way to do it theyre just opposite sides of the same coin.
  8. it all comes down to nostalgia ... that interest is piqued differently for each of us ... My Grandfather had an FM Towns in his game room and I always messed it while we stayed with him on holiday . also believe it or not if you are truly in it for historical reasons as well as nostalgic ones , just because a game exists on X , Y , Z system it certainly does not mean its the same game. Street fighter 2 snes / genesis / arcade Mortal combat snes / genesis / arcade pac man atari 2600 / arcade thousands more examples exist ALSO just because a game exists on NINTENDO NES as well as FAMICOM does not mean these two games will be the same either . Its about faithful recreation of a moment in history as much as it is about me sitting at my Poppa's desk messing about with his toys and having fun
  9. odd i didnt see anny replies until the mod one lol ... I currently use a emulator called UNZ paired with rocket launcher and daemon tools and yeah i havent had a problem with that combo yet Videos can be found throuugh launchbox itself , Emmumovies and Hyperspin , ill have to check on my themes i use several . One im almost sure of is Minimal HD
  10. crash occurs randomly for no apparent reason and closes out of big box
  11. email with video link sent @Jason Carr subject line of email is RE: voice rec makes pc hang
  12. no problem like i said the feature sounds cool as hell if i can even do one small thing to get it where it needs to be im down for it lol
  13. i am recording the process on my pc ... i have just about top of the line components and it pegs cpu at about 20 percent ... ill post a private youtube link very soon @Jason Carr maybe that will help you track down where the issue lies
  14. i installed and it hung on clicking ok after option was ticked ... waited for a long time and it crashed now im trying to start from desktop shortcut again. boot up fine but it never searches for the voice on boot so im thinking it crashes while trying to apply and it never actually applies so after boot it just boots as normal without voice enabled ,,, probably preferable to less savvy users so that if it doesnt work it crashes and is still usable after crash lol . I agree with the above ,... its not an absolute need but MAN it looked cool@
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