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  1. Munt is already in ScummVM but it can not be accessed outside of that program. It could be added to LaunchBox and maybe in the game settings there could be a box to check if you wanted to use it for that game.
  2. @Jason Carr Some Idea. Gog’s Privacy update on Feb 27 mentions "(1) We’re adding a new functionality - GOG Direct to Account that will enable partnered platforms to activate, directly on your GOG.COM account, content purchased via these selected third party platforms." Does this mean that you might be able to get permeation to connect LaunchBox to Gog? Keyboard Commands: Maybe this could be put In the future Pause screen but I think it would be nice the see the button and keyboard commands for each game and the ability to map key commands. Maybe even using a keyb
  3. I think if I make a batch file in the parent folder and direct it to the game, when i launch the batch file in DosBox it should mount the folder allowing all the games to see their companions games folders thus being allowed to see their saved files to make a transfer. Does this sound right? Has anybody tried this?
  4. I would like to play the old AD&D Goldbox games. No problem I can do that. However, I would like the GB games to see each other in order to transfer characters. To do that I need to mound the parent directory as C:\. How can I have LB mount a directory and then launch a game in that directory? Thanks for all your help. This has been driving me nuts all day.
  5. As we have very few TI-99/4a games I found a database with all of them. https://www.videogamehouse.net/gamemain.html I hope this helps someone to update that section. Sincerely, Shades
  6. Was I supposed to add the CHD in the Add Paths or Roms folder? Also my CHDs are not zipped but my ROMs are so I can't just copy my CHDs to the ROMs. Am I going to have to Zip all my CHDs? (NOTE: I have the 185 merged set.) Thanks, Shades
  7. I thought this might be of some interest considering the Launchbox logo. Enjoy. https://www.shirtpunch.com/rubik-s-cube-light.html?utm_source=NEWSLETTER_SHIRTPUNCHMASTERLIST&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_content=SPA1&utm_campaign=SEPT_0908_RubiksCubeLight_SP
  8. Yes I meant complete set. I assumed as much, just wanted clarification. Do the update packs (MAME0.169-0.170.rar) need to be need to be unzipped or can it look directly into it? Is there a tutorial for setting up MAME for the first time? Thanks, Shades
  9. This tutorial looks great. I have never used MAME before so I have a few questions. Am I correct in assuming the the core pack should just be unzipped into where ever you want your roms to be? You don't need to add the core rom pact to the update list correct? Am I correct in assuming that you should never update versions past the version of MAME you are using? Thanks, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. Is there a tutorial for setting up MAME for the first time? I see MameUIFX is no longer being updated and MAME is now at 176b. Thanks for all our help. :D Shades
  10. I'm using the current Mame0175b. That Tutorial sounds very useful @dos76 can you point me to it, please? Edit: I believe I found it. https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/emulation/how-to-update-your-mame-romset-to-a-newer-version-with-clrmamepro#p20300 I'll update this thread when I have time to to through it.
  11. Thanks, No the Extract rom wasn't checked, Yes I did have LB move the programs into a Arcade folder in the Games folder. Yes, Mame and Retroarch both point to their correct exe files. No, I have not edited any ini files, that wasn't mentioned in the tutorial. Looking in the Mame directory I installed there is no Mame.ini, there are several other ini files. Ok, I ran mame64.exe and set my rom directory. I now have a mame.ini file. I don't see how to point to the bios. I have placed them in a sub directory of Arcade. Is there someplace else I should place them? Thanks for all your help.
  12. Thanks, I just did as you asked but still nothing.
  13. I decided to try MAME for the first time. I have the Full pack 161-162. I imported files using Arcade and MAME. (Installed MAME) The games emulator path points to the Mame64.exe. When I launch a game “Initializing” pups up then goes away and nothing else happens. When I use retroarch and install MAME there. I use this path. Arcade -L "cores\mame_libretro.dll" And it Launches and closes. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for all your help and hard work.
  14. First I would like to say congratulations on turning a hobby in to a paying job. Kudo’s to you as this is the best front end I have ever seen. Some requests, ideas, and visions if I may… Requests: Could you please make a tutorial on using SucmmVM? Thanks. Idea: The Youtube video’s and Q&A are great ways to keep active with the community. May I also suggest you make a progress page with your Goals that you are working towards, both short term and long term, and marking when they are completed. And maybe some FAQs. I think this would be a good place for people to see what you ar
  15. Jason Carr said Unfortunately, that's still on the to do list. Probably the easiest thing to do right now is to import them as DOS games. Then you can batch edit them to make them ScummVM games, but you'll probably still have to manually edit each one in order to match it to the proper game. :/ I'm looking forward to seeing this video. :D
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