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  1. I'll update and try it later so I can let you guys know if there's something wrong @UP_AND_ATOM
  2. Thanks for the reply, @Jason Carr - good to know, will enrich a lot, specially for themes
  3. Come on, @viking, there's nothing to be sorry about. Your theme is already awesome as it is. Maybe @Jason Carr could clarify if it would be possible to extend themes to display "sub-categories" based on a certain criteria (like genre, year, and so on).
  4. Hey @viking thanks for the reply. It would be very cool if we could display genres like the platforms screen =) Unfortunately, I didn't find the youtube video where I saw it
  5. Well, it's been a while since I've stopped by - things got messy in personal stuff - but I really love this theme. I'm starting to rebuild my emulation collection and Big Box is making it a blast. So, I'll take the risk of asking: would it be possible for launchbox + this theme to show, before the game list, a list of available game genres just like the list of platforms? Think I've seen something like this done in EmulationStation (Pi version), but I'm not really sure. Thanks, Marcelo
  6. Merry Christmas Jason and Launchbox community!!
  7. Well, after all, I added a skip_gameinfo = "true" to the mess_libretro.cfg and it... worked! Thanks guys for the help
  8. Thank you. Will give that a try, although what I was trying to do is through command line executing Retroarch.
  9. Guys, I know this will probably sound greatly stupid, but I couldn't figure it out by myself after lots of research, so... Does anyone know (and could explain) how can I pass arguments to the core in Retroarch? I mean, let's assume I'm running a MAME game from command line - how can I pass, let's say, the -skip_gameinfo argument to the mame_libretro core? Thanks in advance for any help
  10. For this price seems more than worth. Specially if I can map to play scumm w/ the 360 controller.
  11. Good point. Actually, I was thinking of it to start Launchbox from the guide button because I don't want to take my keyboard to the living room when playing on the TV, so I'd be using that on the desktop - therefore my mention to AHK. Think I'll just make a SELECT + R2 for this, maybe. R3 is being already used to alt+F4 =P
  12. I tried and it worked like a charm. Next step is to find some way of starting Launchbox w/ the guide button. If anyone has a AHK script (or any other way of doing that), please let me know
  13. Good morning everyone! As in the subject: which is the proper way of adding Final Burn Alpha (CPS2) romset to LaunchBox? I tried adding and no game was detected =( Thanks in advance guys, Marcelo
  14. Knew I was missing something. I used Joy2Key sometime ago, and it was really good. Think it's time to give it another try =)
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