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  1. On 4/3/2019 at 12:48 PM, garbanzo said:

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to add the front cover of the currently selected game to the details pane, centered within the red box in this mockup?


    Still hoping someone can offer some tips on how to get this to work. Thanks.

  2. It's neither costly nor complicated. The Gamer-Pro is $40, and it's the only adapter you need. Just add a few $3 dongles for whatever controllers you plan to use and you're good to go. Plug and play on Windows, Mac, Linux, even Switch.

    You can hot-swap controllers too. I can be playing SNES with a GameCube controller, pause the game, swap out for a Dreamcast controller, and keep going.

    Honestly, I can't imagine it would be very enjoyable trying to play N64 games with anything other than an N64 controller...

    (Hori FC4 looks like a Sega Saturn controller)

  3. If you have any of those systems, why not use the original controllers with an adapter? Grab a Bliss Box Gamer-Pro kit with just the cables you need, and you'll be set. Not wireless, but nothing beats using real controllers.


  4. Does anyone have info on file naming conventions for WHDLoad games? I'm getting mine from RetroPlay's collection.

    Here are some examples where I'm confused about the difference.


    What does the '1199' mean in these? And 'NTSC'?



    What does 'Fast' mean?



    What about '1MB' and 'AGA'?



    Do version numbers refer to different versions of the game, or different revisions of the .lha file?


  5. I've decided I want to limit my collecting to 2D systems with sprite-based graphics, since I enjoy playing those games so much more than 3D stuff.

    The majority of these systems are captured through a handful of sets, including MAME, the base No-Intro set, TOSEC Main Branch, SCUMMVM, and Total DOS Collection.

    The reason for this thread is to get some input on any 2D systems that are NOT represented by those sets. For example, I know there are several CD add-ons that are all 2D:

    Commodore - Amiga CD32
    NEC - TurboGrafx-CD
    Sega - CD
    SNK - Neo Geo CD

    What else should I consider seeking out?

    (I'm not really interested in 2nd gen and older stuff. And I don't intend to collect systems that have a mix of 2D and 3D games, even if they have a lot of 2D games. Stuff like Saturn or NDS. Have to draw the line someplace!)

  6. I would love to see this implemented too. Right now, there's no frontend that makes software lists even remotely usable. MAME is a pain in the butt to navigate, MESSUI is deadly slow, and Negatron is just painful. Getting software list support in LB would be huge.

  7. I'm not sure how to handle Super Game Boy in LaunchBox. It's not really a platform, but it needs to be to set up an emulator properly.

    I can copy all the games and force LB to import them into a new platform, but then I have duplicate games on my drives, and everything shows up double during searches. But at least I can associate an emulator with the platform to easily launch them in SGB mode.

    Or I can leave the games in their respective folders, and still re-import them as a new platform. That solves the doubles on my drives, but I still have the same problem with doubles showing up in searches.

    Or, I can just create an auto-populated playlist using "Version Contains (SGB Enhanced)", but then I have to launch them from the playlist by right-clicking and selecting a different emulator than my default GB/GBC emulator.

    None of these are ideal. Maybe there is another way I haven't thought of?

  8. Years

    View File

    Here are playlists for every year between 1971 and 2019. They are auto-populated, so just import them and they're ready to use. 

    I recommend sorting them into categories by decade as seen in the screenshot. That way you can select the 1990s category and see all games from the 1990s, or select a single year and see games for just that year. 


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