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  1. eric

    quick rom import.

    thanks for all this info guys.....will try later today
  2. eric

    quick rom import.

    Rodger that, i will retry...to pay close attention, to what im choosing in the import...thank you.
  3. eric

    quick rom import.

    "import games quickly uncheck all the media during the import wizard." yes this is what i just said i did. seems as though u did not read of understand what i just wrote? but thanks for the reply
  4. eric

    quick rom import.

    seems as when i import a folder of roms, saying no to media data, ie: have all my own artwork, it still takes days to just import roms keep seeing searching for and removing duplicate images for bla bla game. any way just to quickley import ...the same rom folder in attract mode takes likw 4 min, compaird to 45min or moore... thanks for any help
  5. yaa was thinking of doing something like this for " Nuts Magazine " cool idea.
  6. by far "mednafen" is now the go to......play's all my Sega Saturn....and PCE.CD's simply Austen too-it....out their no more loading to virtual drive... 12/3/16 just put bios files in root: good to go..... ----------------------------------------------------------------- Xcade b17c 5.4 w/ atracttmode....custom.. bartop 1983 centipede cab w/ Big Box life updates.. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Maybe it should be called "Huge-box" all royalties will be sent to my in box thanks...ha ha Not funny
  8. this would be the best way to add a giff to the mix using "MediaElement" <Grid Grid.Column="1" Panel.ZIndex="3"> <MediaElement Margin="-1200,-1200,0,0" Name="gamer" DockPanel.Dock="Left" Stretch="none" Source="K:\Arcade\LaunchBox\Themes\backgrounds\Super.gif" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality"/> </Grid> PS : grant that the transparent part of the gif is filled with black....not the best but ok when put in a black area... and still will need a "code" to make it loop... enjoy
  9. using the ZIndex will set the layers of your images so you can put them in front of others images or videos very useful when making your theme! <Grid Grid.Column="1" Panel.ZIndex="8"> <Image Margin="-50,0,0,0" Name="zboy" DockPanel.Dock="Right" Stretch="none" Source="K:\Arcade\LaunchBox \Themes\backgrounds\dk.png" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality"/> </Grid> PS: jason thanks for making this thred it will be good...for all...
  10. This will be the only time i will put my 2-cents in on the mater.. ""-me and it is only my opinion.... if i want it to look like HS then i would just use it... i think we should not do it. and bring are own mix...yes it takes time but thats ok we are only in beta . i would love to see some one add "Marquee" to the table.. but as always its will be good to have it ,, use it if you want it so thanks for the alternative... prop's
  11. OK I finely got around to the in-platform mod....and i realy would like some feed back on it.. at some point i would like to release it, and create a theme installer! SFX or Batch installer any way thanks for your input O'ya are we all suppost to be posting in the "new forum" just don't want to pollute it with un finished biz. [https://youtu.be/UfPI-xw-tAA]
  12. Here is a small update to show using the ZIndex property to control layers... notice Mario is now in the Mix.. I am new to xaml it would be nice to have Thred :IE "Coders Corner" for help,, and to share "snip's of code" that we could use for themes [https://youtu.be/M4CjYDiMTLs]
  13. Here is the beginning of my vertical theme "vertical box"....what do ya think.... [https://youtu.be/f1dPvz3QVR4] should be good once i put it on the cabinet ,, this is on my editing computer with my screen turned vertical so it's a bit long... sorry it was a bit slow do to the recording...
  14. hey guys witch .xaml is the one used for the screen after the platforms screen once you enter a platform thanks working on a vertical.. ie the one shown in the hyperspin theem..?
  15. thanks for your take on it guys.... edit: just tryed it in FBA and yaa your Right...same but better!
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