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  1. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/309/select-folders-as-game-files-higan
  2. If I knew that I had better box art pictures on some games than the ones currently used in the games database, how would I submit these covers as replacements?
  3. The only thing keeping me from hiding the keyboard and mouse completely is the need to use it on launchbox's menus. I know launchbox has controller support. I just don't know how to set it up.
  4. I figured out the problem. The game that I deleted was "Godzilla - The Series." I already had "Godzilla - The Series - Monster Wars" in my library. The metadata puller considers these two the same game in thegamesdb. I removed "Godzilla - The Series - Monster Wars" and added both games back at the same time. It worked.
  5. Okay I deleted two games. One of them was able to be re-imported. The other was not.
  6. I select the game in the library and hit my delete key. It asks "Are you sure you wish to permanently delete ____?" and I select yes.
  7. Step one: Import a game Step two: Delete the game from LaunchBox Step three: Import the game again Step four: Watch as 0 games are imported How do I change step four?
  8. RA's core is based off of an old version of bsnes/higan. There have been upstream core improvements since.
  9. Yea its major claim to fame is that there are no known issues with any commercial ROM. Messing with the aspect ratio seems against its interest.
  10. Yea there's the command line --fullscreen or you can configure your own toggle fullscreen button (even to a controller).
  11. DOS76 said Ok I'm starting to like the notion that Higans could be to Nintendo what Fusion is to Sega. Does it handle Famicom Disk System games? It does, but even the developer admits that Nestopia UE or puNES do a better job. Right now it's the best SNES emulator and *nearly* the best GBA emulator.
  12. Shaders are now supported in mGBA and VBA-M is no longer recommended by the Emulation Wikia http://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Game_Boy_Advance_emulators
  13. Higan's newest version (0.97) now supports loading .sfc and .zip files directly without needing to reformat them into game folders. This allows users to use a standard game library and use LaunchBox without configuration. The only thing that they need to do is set --fullscreen as a default parameter. And if users want to use a standard game library, their BIOS roms will have to be in the same location as their games.
  14. It's been down for me all day (EST), too.
  15. And aside from SNES, Higan is also a hell of a GBA emulator. It blows VBA-M out of the water with accuracy, only slightly behind mGBA. The advantage it has over mGBA is color emulation. If byuu keeps his perfectionism going, it's really going to be a go-to for accurate Nintendo emulation in general.
  16. If you read through the attached link to the original post, you can see that the file system used by Higan has made it the ONLY (and yes I do mean only) emulator with perfect compatibility. Other ones, especially the bsnes core of retroarch (based off of an older version of Higan) come very close. But those who want the most accurate experience are going to choose Higan... They just are.
  17. Higan doesn't load "[game].rom" files. Instead, it loads a folder with a bunch of different files stripped out of ROMs. These folders will be named "[game].sfc." To load Higan libraries, LaunchBox needs the ability to associate folders as game files. If you want to use some trickery, knowing that the folders all have the pseudo-file extension ".sfc," that should hold constant for all Higan game folders. Since the folders are all named after their respective games, the folder tiles (minus ".sfc") could be used for the scraper. If you want more info on this, I'd take a look here: http://byuu.org/emulation/higan/game-paks
  18. With mGBA 0.3.1 released, both stable and development builds work with LaunchBox now.
  19. Updating from LaunchBox 5.3 b16, I get the following error: ~\LaunchBox.exe An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: DeleteFile failed: code 5. Access is denied. Running LaunchBox as administrator doesn't fix the issue and LaunchBox is not in my program files.
  20. Jason Carr said There is a solution for that, simply check the box to "Also copy/move all files with the same name but different file extensions (recommended)". That's assuming the bin and cue files have the same name, but that's pretty standard. That works for exact names, but any multi-tracked game won't have bins with exact matching names. You'll have to ignore anything in parentheses for this argument.
  21. Well here's the problem with that: There are two ways to go about it right now. The first is to filter which files you import down to the .cue files, like you said. But if you have LaunchBox copy/move the files into its game directory, the .bin files get left behind. (Yes, I know I can move them over manually. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of importing?) The second option is to not filter and get a bunch of non-functional files listed in your library. Neither of these cases is ideal.
  22. Actually, I should say to only list .cue files. The bin files will still need copied/moved into the new directory.
  23. For systems with a bin/cue file system (like PS1), importing the bin files is useless. You could end up with dozens of copies of the same game with only the .cue file functioning.
  24. bgb is exactly as accurate as gambatte for GB/GBC emulation (I don't feel like finding my sources.) but also supports multiplayer. Just thought I'd share some default commands. -setting windowmode=3 This setting forces the window to be fullscreen. -setting height=864 -setting width=960 These settings determine the rendered resolution. 864/960 is 6x resolution, the largest full integer that can be rendered on a 1080p screen. Omitting these will make the emulator render at the last used scale.
  25. Jason Carr said Put out a couple new betas today. Quite a few bug fixes, but no new features. I plan to release 5.2 official this weekend, barring any major bugs showing up. Then after the 5.2 release, hopefully we can make some bigger changes/additions. Any chance of folders being used as ROM destinations in 5.2? Or is that part of the "bigger changes/additions?"
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