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  1. If I drag from the browser to the desktop they save as .png. I then drag them again onto LB and all is good. But I guess dragging them once to LB and carrying out a mass conversion once per sesh or ad-hoc is a bit quicker. Thanks for the application pointer. (Was hoping Jason or anyone close to the code would go "oh yeah looks like we've lost .bmp support from the details pane" lol)
  2. Thanks for your reply. I've only tried Chrome which doesn't let you drag an image into LB at all. That bug is quite old though, so it must have not been a problem for Launchbox previously. The images show fine in the main pane, just not in the details... like LB has lost support for displaying .bmp files in the details pane. I don't really want to switch to a 3rd browser just for this. At the moment I'm saving the images to the desktop and importing them from there, but it's an arduous multistep process that way.
  3. Incidentally, the boxart is also a .bmp, but it shows fine in the main pane. As do .bmp screenshots if I change the Image Group to screenshots.
  4. Hi all, I recently added a large collection of DS games and it scraped many many images... fab. But when I try and add a couple of screenshots to one of them, they're not showing in the Details pain. It seems to be related to them being imported as .bmp files rather than .png files. Dragging them from a web page in Firefox to the Edit window imports then as .bmp even though the original image on the site is a .png. Saving the image manually to the screenshot folder with the right name causes it to show up. Is this a peculiarity of Firefox or a bug in Launchbox? I've done it this way many times in the past but probably on earlier versions of Firefox and definitely earlier versions of LB. Am on LaunchBox 9.1, Windows 10 Home 64bit, Version 1803, OS Build 17134.407 Firefox 63.0.3 The drive they're on my main system SSD as all other images. Any ideas? Is there a way to ensure they are dragged into Launchbox as .png rather than .bmp?
  5. Wow, I am super impressed. I take my hat off to you Jason. Thank you for, well... a) reacting to the issue so quickly, like you're on the pulse of your users b) fixing it so quickly, with a direct link to the latest beta (which is now in my DropBox j.i.c.) c) ... LaunchBox!
  6. Thank you, this did it for me, I realise I didn't have the Save Settings on Exit ticked
  7. Well would you believe less than a week later, I sold 1860 games (and virtually all my TV-based consoles) to a buyer looking to sell them on. I kept all the handheld consoles and games, and the last gen machines (360, PS3, Wii), which means I still have over 700 consoles games... though a couple of hundred are digital. Which then prompted a purchase of two further handhelds (a GBA-SP AGS101 and a New 3DS XL) and a Wii U. Oh and the PC games have slowed a little, but currently stand at around 1400 (1000+ of those on Steam). However I still can't get enough of LaunchBox My most recent tweakings have been sorting my NES collection and setting game-specific refresh rates to trigger with MAME
  8. I still own over 2000 physical console game originals, but they're all in storage and being enjoyed by nobody. I once dreamed of those wall-to-wall setups, but lack of space and the (welcome) additions to family meant it never came to anything. Now I am sort of glad I never had it all set up like that. I've gone digital and have enjoyed browsing my LaunchBox library way more than I ever managed with my real library. For that I am very grateful to you guys Jason and Brad. Now if I could only stop my new addiction of buying digital PC Games!
  9. A little while back I had an issue with my Emumovies subscription, whereupon it was cancelled and then reinstated. Since then it appears that I cannot download movies any more via LaunchBox (Version 6.9-beta-20 on Windows 10 64bit Home). I have my details entered into the Options window and clicking Test results in "Successfully logged in to Emu Movies". The same credentials also happily allow me to log into the Emumovies website. However, when I attempt to edit a game and Download Images/Media, only images and audio are found. I have tried this deliberately with two games I knew previously had movies (Alien Crush and Aero Blasters on TurboGrafx-16), where they only disappeared because I changed the games' Platform from "TurboGrafx-16" to "PC Engine TurboGrafx-16" (which is incidentally configured to 'Scrape As' TurboGrafx-16). Any ideas? Thanks a lot, Will
  10. No worries. I wouldn't claim to have a clue as to how complex this software must be behind the scenes, so teething troubles are expected. I totally love it anyway. And hey it gets us all chatting which is good :) I can always start afresh if I ever need to.
  11. Oh I'm well aware I'll never play even 10% of the full collection :) (I own over 2000 physical games, and it dawned on me a few years ago I was running out of years to cover them all even if I stopped collecting!) It's chiefly a library in LaunchBox as I'm sure you probably view it similarly with 20k games on tap. I think I just need to learn more on what TOSEC and No-Intro would offer me. The only time I saw mention of No-Intro was with Game Boy Advance sets and I thought to myself "but I WANT intros!".
  12. Thanks Brad. I understand the image search methods more now. It was more of a way to place my separated out SuperGrafx next to TurboGrafx by prepending them both with PC Engine... not so much region variants but hardware iterations and therefore different "platforms" in effect. But I get what you're saying prior to a Scrape As option becoming available, and I'm sure I can cope with them being further down the list so it's all good :) I'll give those tests a try next time I'm on there. Thanks for the tips Brad.
  13. Yeah it's a fair point on the minimal space saving, but not I leave disc games unhindered... even the fastest of setups is too slow to decompress half a gig of archive before launching the game. I wasn't aware of these TOSEC sets mind, I shall have to investigate. Looks like I have some reading ahead. The one advantage left with the archives of fullsets I have, is that it means the region-variants are in one package ready for me to process and associate via right-clicks. I would like to for example, be able to right-click the US version of a SNES game and select to play the Super Famicom version, which may be an entirely different name.
  14. I'm struggling with something similar, though I have a number of games for TurboGrafx-16 that have a Launchbox Games Database ID, but no image pulled in from a "Download Metadata and Images". When I manually edit and click "Download Images/Media" it finds an image but then when I click Ok, sometimes it tells me I have no emulator associated with it and do I want to add one. If I say Yes, it presents me with the Add emulator screen, which is no good as I can't re-add Retroarch; yet if I say No, it clears the emulator field for the game and I have to re-add it. This is despite these being games for the platform "TurboGrafx-16", which is listed under my Retroarch's Associated Platforms, with the same core default as a couple of other NEC platforms. This in itself has provided moments of consternation as I did want them listed as "PC Engine TurboGrafx 16", but that of course leads to further issues of searching for valid info/images. Why would a manual "Edit -> Download Images/Media" for the game give me an image that the "Download Metadata and Images" method doesn't? Additionally, is there any way to associate games to a platform, but have them listed under a different name on the left hand side? Ie. to avoid search issues with the LaunchBox Games DB, but display them under a preferred name? Oh and sincere apologies if these have been asked elsewhere, I couldn't find them. Which may just be my rubbish searching!
  15. It sounds to me like the 7zip files are the "Good" full-sets available from some sources. These contain *all* variants, including all bad dumps, overdumps, hacks, trainers, etc. I've been writing a shell script to process SNES games in particular, to extract and single out a single Japanese, single US and single European version of the game. My intention is to then log what it finds in each, and use a Powershell script I wrote to add the necessary XML to LaunchBox's main file in order to make the alternative versions appear as right-click options. Hey, it's a little project of mine lol. But the point is that without some sort of processing, those "complete" sets will just cause you issues, as like you've discovered, the first listed ROM is picked by any emulator that supports the archive. Can I assume that if you're using an emulator that doesn't support 7z (I don't have an example right now), would Launchbox's own archival extraction result in the same? Ie. does it unarchive the files to a tmp location and pick the first listed alphanumerically?
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