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  1. Hi, Whenever I have a game without artwork, I tend to drag and drop an image from a web page into the Edit (Images) screen of Launchbox. While the image is accepted and shown under details, it imports it as a bitmap file and for anything other than boxart (displayed in the main view) it doesn't display it in the details pane. So importing screenshots this way won't display them. My resolution has been to open the image in some other software and save as a .png file, then delete the original. The .png file is picked up by Launchbox no problem and displays in the side panel. And as I say, if I do this for boxart it displays the .bmp in the main view fine. Is this a known bug? Is it a peculiarity of my system? Do other people experience this (drag-drop saves a .bmp file that doesn't display in the side panel)? I am sure once upon a time this wasn't an issue, but I couldn't say when or what version. Maybe it's possible my Windows setup or the browser can be configured to save drag-dropped files as a different format? Windows 10 Home 64bit Launchbox version 11.10
  2. Yes it is TOSEC, well spotted. It doesn't seem to be a limitation of folder/file length as if I extract and set Launchbox to run the .dsk it works fine, and other files with longer names work. I'd happily rezip them if I knew which in advance would have this problem, but I couldn't without testing them all or just fixing on an as-used basis; which would be one of those niggling issues where you never feel you've a fully working set yet. Good point about size though. I can't imagine I'm going to be overly concerned when the whole set takes up less space than 1 game for disk based consoles. I think I'll go down this route, but I thought it was interesting to understand why Launchbox itself wasn't extracting certain files. I guess I have a resolution for my case. ... I could also write a script to rezip all the games to fix it too I guess, but while that's an entertaining little task, it's not the path of least resistance Thanks StarshipUK, I'll check out the set yuou mentioned if I can find it too, as I'll be re-importing everything as .dsk files anyway.
  3. Hi, I've been dabbling with the CPCEC emulator for Amstrad CPC, and while it supports .zip files, not all of my ROMs are in .zip format (some are in .7z), and as a consequence I have the Extram ROM option ticked for the emulator and largely this works fine. Some .zip files however simply do not extract (no progress bar and nothing in the 7z temp folder) and result in an error with the emulator. Weirdly, renaming the zip file can result in Launchbox then performing an extract and it works fine. What I can't determine is what it is about the original zip file or its name that determines success or not. Could it just be a bad zip? The emulator itself can load the original zip directly (selecting it from within CPCEC), and Windows can open it fine... but Launchbox seems not to recognise it as an archive file, unless like I say, I rename it. I thought maybe a file length issue or particular characters, but I've tried longer named files of other games and the same characters are fine in others too. Additionally if I rename a file to make it work, then rename it back again, it goes back to not working. Example filename failing: "Yes, Prime Minister (1987)(Mosaic Publishing)(Disk 1 of 2).zip" Renamed (removing a couple of spaces in the disk reference), works: "Yes, Prime Minister (1987)(Mosaic Publishing)(Disk 1of2).zip" Windows 10 Home 64bit Launchbox Version 11.10 [EDIT] - zip files not working are from the same source as ones that work.
  4. Hi folks, I know this is a really old thread, but I've managed to get a way to run Wataroo with ROMs from the command line. Add these three lines to the Wataroo.ini file... [general] autoload=y cdf=autorun.cdf Then set your emulator to a batch file Wataroo.bat (in the same folder as the emulator executable) with the following content... echo Watara> autorun.cdf echo 64K>> autorun.cdf for %%f in (%1) do ( echo %%~nf>> autorun.cdf echo %%~f>> autorun.cdf ) start /WAIT Wataroo.exe If you have the files archived in .zip format, make sure you tick the emulator option to "Extract ROM archives before running" and "Attempt to hide console window...", otherwise if in .sv format, then just change that last line to remove the /WAIT from the batch file.
  5. Which is what i have, but fair enough, if it can't do it, it can't do it. I have a 4 year old Android phone with only a few GB spare space. I guess I'll have to stick to other platforms just now.
  6. Hi there, forgive me if I've missed something, but when trying to export only a few MAME games it starts to copy the entire set of ROMs. I have a non-merged 2010 set and would love to try a handful of older games with a 2010 RA core if possible. Is it still too early days for specific ROM exporting in MAME? PS. Very cool to have Launchbox on my phone btw On Launchbox 10.3, Windows 10 64bit
  7. Okay it turns out that TurboGrafx-16 is an unsupported platform at the moment. While Retroarch itself supports it, Launchbox Android currently doesn't. It worked fine when I exported a handful of SNES games. I should've checked for a compatibility list ☺️
  8. Hey folks. I've installed Launchbox for Android and exported and transferred a set of games from the desktop version, which appear fine in Launchbox. However when trying to setup a default emulator, Launchbox displays no emulator to pick. This is despite having an installation of Retroarch on the same device. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both Launchbox and Retroarch in different orders but still nothing. Anyone any tips for getting Launchbox to detect Retroarch?
  9. Mine's found nothing. The Platforms screen is empty :s
  10. If I drag from the browser to the desktop they save as .png. I then drag them again onto LB and all is good. But I guess dragging them once to LB and carrying out a mass conversion once per sesh or ad-hoc is a bit quicker. Thanks for the application pointer. (Was hoping Jason or anyone close to the code would go "oh yeah looks like we've lost .bmp support from the details pane" lol)
  11. Thanks for your reply. I've only tried Chrome which doesn't let you drag an image into LB at all. That bug is quite old though, so it must have not been a problem for Launchbox previously. The images show fine in the main pane, just not in the details... like LB has lost support for displaying .bmp files in the details pane. I don't really want to switch to a 3rd browser just for this. At the moment I'm saving the images to the desktop and importing them from there, but it's an arduous multistep process that way.
  12. Incidentally, the boxart is also a .bmp, but it shows fine in the main pane. As do .bmp screenshots if I change the Image Group to screenshots.
  13. Hi all, I recently added a large collection of DS games and it scraped many many images... fab. But when I try and add a couple of screenshots to one of them, they're not showing in the Details pain. It seems to be related to them being imported as .bmp files rather than .png files. Dragging them from a web page in Firefox to the Edit window imports then as .bmp even though the original image on the site is a .png. Saving the image manually to the screenshot folder with the right name causes it to show up. Is this a peculiarity of Firefox or a bug in Launchbox? I've done it this way many times in the past but probably on earlier versions of Firefox and definitely earlier versions of LB. Am on LaunchBox 9.1, Windows 10 Home 64bit, Version 1803, OS Build 17134.407 Firefox 63.0.3 The drive they're on my main system SSD as all other images. Any ideas? Is there a way to ensure they are dragged into Launchbox as .png rather than .bmp?
  14. Wow, I am super impressed. I take my hat off to you Jason. Thank you for, well... a) reacting to the issue so quickly, like you're on the pulse of your users b) fixing it so quickly, with a direct link to the latest beta (which is now in my DropBox j.i.c.) c) ... LaunchBox!
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