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  1. @Jason Carr I updated to 10.3 and it's working now. Thanks for the fix. I did notice that if the 7z.exe is not there then LB will not start and there is no debug log written. FYI. This is in 10.2-7 and 10.3 as well. Thanks for the help
  2. Thanks Jason, I will update again and try again. Is there a way to make sure the backup job will not auto start when I launch LB?
  3. Hi @Jason Carr it's the Create Data Backup under tools. I can see in procmon that the 7zip under the LB dir is running and reading all files from the drive and trying put them into a zip file. I can see all the reads and creates of the files. The hd is at 100% till I kill the processes. I did hit cancel after it started but it never stopped and just hung up the LB process. Every time I restart LB it starts 7zip again and starts touching the whole drive. So I renamed 7zip and then it would not kick off. Thanks
  4. on beta 10.2-7 after clicking on the backup function it appears that LB is trying to backup the whole drive to itself. if you hit cancel it hangs. restarting LB just starts the process over. Is there a way in a config file to stop the backup process? What should it be backing up? Thanks
  5. I will give that a try. Thank @larsherbaut for that.
  6. That fixed it. Thanks @Kondorito and @Jason Carr Have a great Thanksgiving!
  7. I made that change and it still is showing box art as the disk image. strange. in the game Ben10 on PS2 I don't have a disk image and only have the front box image.
  8. Is there a way to use the view to show disks that also will not show double box art when the disk image is missing?
  9. Ok well the issues was with the cart front image priority settings. Thanks @Jason Carr @Retro808 The setting was checked so I unchecked then checked it and hit ok. and then tested and it works now. I do have a few games that the disks are not working but might be missing images. I will fix those. Thanks again for the help!!
  10. I tried about 6 themes and no luck. here is my settings.
  11. I will try another theme and see,
  12. I have checked and I see the disk media in the PS2 and GC images. I don't see any disks for any platform. I went through all of the view. i.e vertical 1-4 and so on. but no cigar.
  13. I have looked at the PS2 and GC which I have disk media for but I have tried different views but still not dice... 😞
  14. I updated to 1.3 of this great theme but I still do not see the spinning disks games? is there a setting to turn those on? I have checked and the disk images are there just not showing up. Thanks for the help!
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