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    Help with mame

    Wolf_: Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm new to this more complex type of emulating. Hopefully, I can get it working! I can't wait to play Castle Wolfenstein and Parsec! Fond memories from when I was a kid...
  2. SqHd

    Help with mame

    Wow! Great thread and tutorial! Anyone have a setup for Apple II and / or Texas Instruments (TI-99)?
  3. First, I would like to say thanks for the great videos! I really found the tutorial for setting up MAME via Retroarch very useful. Since MAME now supports all MESS systems; would it be possible to do a part 2 tutorial on running these via Retroarch and Launchbox (ex. Apple II, Intellivision, TI-99, etc.)? I've done a bunch of online research to no avail. I haven't figured out the correct folder structure for bios and roms. Thanks again for the great tutorials and amazing frontend!
  4. Great! Looking forward to that. Thanks for the info.
  5. Hey guys. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue with MAME import. When adding roms, I noticed all the images from both LB database and EmuMovies aren't downloaded during the initial setup. Once a rom has been added, if I edit a game and click the 'download images' button, it grabs a bunch more (not duplicates). Unfortunately, when selecting multiple games and going to "Tools - Download Metadata and Images" and choosing the "do not replace any existing fields", it doesn't grab the missing images either. Obviously, it would take too much time to edit / download images for each game separately. Any tricks to get all the images to download?
  6. 5.4 image download working great. Up next add MAME roms. And I will be purchasing premium soon!
  7. Images working great in 5.3! Gotta update to 5.4. Thanks for the great release!
  8. You're welcome. Fixed already?! That rocks! Can't wait to import my collection!
  9. No problem. Looking forward to the 5.3 release. Auto-magic population of MAME roms is going to be great!
  10. I'm using the drag and drop feature for ROM import. (I also tried adding from the menu, same result.)
  11. Thanks for responding. Correct. It will download 17 images (ex. Metroid), but not show them all (screenshots / fan art). I have to edit the game and re-download the images.
  12. Hi all. I'm new to the community and really enjoying LaunchBox. Great program, Jason! I have a question about the image downloads from the GamesDB. Example: I added the NES Metroid rom to LB and it grabbed 17 images (front, back, logo, banner, multiple screenshots and fanart images), but the multiple screenshots and fanart images don't show up in the details pane. When I right-click and edit the game, it shows only six images (1 of each for the 6 categories). If I click the download images button, it will grab all 17 of the images again (instead of just the 6). At this point, the multiple screenshots and fanart images show in the details pane. Is there a setting I'm missing to display multiple images from the initial import without having to edit each game individually? Thanks for your time! And I'm looking forward to the EmuMovies integration. Specs: Win 8.1 x64, LaunchBox (free version), Installed on E: drive
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